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Notoriously Unknown

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  • Ahem.


    *phew* Well, that's done and done. But yes. In fact I'm that annoying kid at th' back of my class singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." Every day. Non.Stop. x3
    Um..it doesn't. Only on Saturdays, at 11:30 pm-middynights on NJN.

    However, this is British comedy...So that means it's terribly ranchy at times, so I don't think your parents'll let you watch it. D:
    ..Oh. Darn it. I remember having that too. Took me forever and a quarter inch figuring out th'password. Ahh. Sorry.
    Or, I could give you the definition that I may mave sneaked off of the Wiki:
    Although each series is set in a different time era, all follow the fortunes (or rather, misfortunes) of Edmund Blackadder (played by Atkinson), who in each is a member of an English family dynasty present at many significant periods and places in British history. Although the character starts as being quite unintelligent in the first series and gradually becomes smarter and more perceptive through each passing generation (while decreasing in social status), each Blackadder is a cynical, cowardly opportunist concerned with maintaining and increasing his own status and fortunes, regardless of his surroundings.The lives of each of the Blackadders are also entwined with their servants, all from the Baldrick family line (played by Tony Robinson). Each generation acts as the dogsbody to their respective Blackadder. They decrease in intelligence (and in personal hygiene standards) just as their masters' intellect increases. Each Blackadder and Baldrick are also saddled with the company of a dim-witted aristocrat whose presence Blackadder must somehow tolerate. This role was taken in the first two series by Lord Percy Percy (Tim McInnerny), in the third series by Prince George, Prince Regent, and in the fourth by Lieutenant George, the latter two played by Hugh Laurie.

    In other words: Blackadder's a mean coward of a man stuck with a stupid assistant, Baldrick*The second one's me icon* and an even stupider "boss."
    Ah. No scanner, then?
    Well, I as well. I usually doodle a LOT, and have drawn a few things. Ooh, and fanart. I have drawn mainly Pokemon, Scrubs and-dare I say it?-I've drawn some Houseart.
    I did have a thread, but..I dunno. Not really a "thread person." More of a free-drawer. Nice to know someone else's out there.
    When I was an eleven-year old, I felt like a thirteen-year old. My body caught up. It's a sllloooowww runner. x3
    Ah, so you like House MD, eh?
    *tries to restrain self*..mpph. Aw, screw it. *glomps you hard*
    Huh, same with me. I actaully hate having to talk to classmates. And when I do, it comes out as an incredibly snarky comment. However, every teacher says I'm one of the quietest kids ever. I barely speak up t'them.
    I do come off as very sarcastic and RAWR LEMME ALONE at times. That could slightly explain why I've been compared to House..xD
    Well, at the old forums, I was ScooterWartortle, and..quite annoying, looking back.
    So, that's where the smooshed-togetherness's from. "Random" because in welcoming a new person, I called meself, "Random Oddie." "Typhoon," because..well, that was a nickname from one of my Pokemon. Vaporeon, I believe.
    So, where did Notoriously Unknown come from?
    Ehhh. Being the bartender of TCoD, you see veeery weiiird things.
    Also, and you don't have to do this, but for a response, a lot of people Visitor message the person they were talking to.

    On, that note..WHOA THEY SELL MEW-STAMPS. :D
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