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Phyro Phantom
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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn Hắn đưa tay sờ nhẹ một chút mảnh vải băng bó đã dính đầy máu tươi dưới bụng mình, thở hào hển không ngừng, nói:

    - Như vậy hiện tại phải làm sao bây giờ?

    Nói xong những lời nói này, cổ họng hắn khẽ nhúc nhích một chút, phốc một tiếng, lại phun ra một ngụm máu tươi đỏ rực, sắc mặt càng ngày càng thêm trắng bệch.

    Cố Tích Phong nửa ngồi nửa quỳ bên trong bụi cỏ ngay trước mặt hắn, đưa tay lau đi mớ mồ hôi trên trán mình, run giọng nói:

    - Chúng ta cùng chết vậy!

    - Cùng chết cái rắm a!

    Đạt Văn Tây càng ngày càng thở hào hể
    The ceiling. XD
    Jokes aside, college is going well; it's better than I thought. At first I was scared to attend because I didn't know what to expect (though this is a normal feeling one feels before attending college). I'm in the "Computer Science & Mathematics" program and, admittedly, I like the classes I have. In case you're curious, my classes are:

    • Subject name ("Course name" - Course description) <- General education courses
    * Subject name (Course description) <- Specialized courses for my program that I have to take

    • Humanities ("SAY WHAT?!" - Basically a class where one learns of human communication such as verbal or nonverbal communication, interaction between sexes, language & thought, etc.... Funny thing is I'm required to swear in that class to pass. XD)
    • French ("Langue française et communication" - A basic French course which covers French writing and oral)
    • English ("Literature and Composition" - A basic English course which covers on how to read and write at the college level; depending on your level of English, you may have to relearn the basics of the English language).
    • Phys. Ed. ("Volleyball" - The course I'm taking is more focused on playing volleyball. :P)
    * Calculus I (A math course you could say. It's different than the mathematics you're learning now. Calculus is more dynamic than static. It is concerned with change and motion; it deals with quantities that approach other quantities.)
    * Intro. to Programming (Programming course, duh! Apparently that book on Java I had in my house was the book I was supposed to buy for the course. XD)
    * General Chemistry (Chemistry course, duh!)
    Anyway, from what I experienced, college is about time management; you will need to know how to manage your time properly or else you are doomed to get low marks. There will be a lot more writing (such as 1500 words per essay), and reading (such as finishing a 200 page novel in a week). I should probably mention, too, that there will be written assignments for Phys. Ed. class (in fact, I'm supposed to be writing a fitness report for my class right now but I'm too lazy. XP). Back on topic, though, I find it really depends on what course you're taking and what kind of teacher you get.

    Speaking of which, you get to make your own schedule, in which you can choose the classes and teachers you want. RateMyTeachers.com is helpful when deciding what courses you're going to take.

    Moving on, if you're shy to ask questions then get out of that habit. You will most likely have a lot things to ask and let me tell you right now: there are no stupid questions; it's normal to ask questions if you do not understand the topic the first time around.

    Um, what else...? Ah yes, college is fast paced. One semester at my college is 15 weeks. In addition, there is also a final examination period. Now that's not a lot of time to cover everything, don't you agree? Again, this is why time management is important.

    Hmm... I think these explanations will do for now. There's a lot more to say but I believe it'd be best if you experience life on the college campus for yourself.
    Switching topics now, I don't believe I told you about my deviantArt account. Whether I did or not, I'll just say I made one and provide you with the link: http://zritts.deviantart.com/
    Again, you don't have to apologize. ^^;
    Anyway, I missed speaking with you. ;~; A lot has changed during your absence.
    You don't have to apologize, your situation is very understandable. School before hobbies, right? Besides, we're in the same boat, you and I; I have college to worry about. >.> But I'll manage somehow.
    I think Java and Javascript are the same thing, but I'm in no position to talk since I'm still learning programming languages. =P

    EDIT: Whoops, be right back, gotta eat dinner now.
    If only spoken languages were that easy, I would have a job right now.... *Sighs*

    Oh yeah, coincidentally, while I was away eating lunch, I happened to come across a book explaining Java. It's titled, Starting Out With Java: From Control Structures through Data Structures by Tony Gaddis. I never knew this book existed in my house! =D But... I'd rather hear the explanations coming from a friend instead of a book; books tend to have a lot of details for me to understand and follow. =S
    Your explanation would be much easier to follow if I knew the definitions of some words (I could always look them up in the dictionary but, of course, the definition I want might not be there).

    If you're gonna send the examples, do it by e-mail (you will find my e-mail address in the 'Contact Info' of my profile but of course you know that). Send in easy ones, average ones, and maybe one or two complex ones so then I can study a bit off of them. Also provide a little explanation of what goes on in each example if necessary.

    Again, I apologize in advance if I'm asking too much from you and wasting your valuable time. I can't express how very thankful I am for the lesson. =J I don't know how to repay you, though. =S

    Anyway, right now I gotta eat, so I gonna log off for a while. Again, thank you very much for the lesson! Really! ^w^
    I've taken algebra, yes, but I've never paid any attention to definitions. I am ashamed to ask this but... what's a variable— in the computer programming sense at least? (Heh, heh, heh.... *head desk; groans loudly*).

    I'm really sorry but if I see a whole bunch of text of a subject I'm completely new at, my mind goes blank and sometimes I have difficulty following and/or in an instant I become a stupid dummy who can't even comprehend the easy stuff.
    (For example:
    "var variablename = value;" &
    "Dim variablename
    variablename = value"
    .... Where it says "variablename", that's where you put the name of the variable, correct? And where it says, "value"... I add a numerical value in there, right?).
    This is why I don't read much and prefer seeing crudely written work (I'm working on that though now that I'm going to college). But I digress.

    Although complex, your explanation is good, Phye. Could you provide more examples, though? I work better with examples than words. Easy ones from either or both languages, and perhaps even a complex one if possible. I apologize in advance if I'm asking for too much.

    EDIT: By the way, the example works
    I'm turning 18 in a few months, so yes I'm going into college at age 17 and a friend of mine is going at the age of 16. 0_0. But I digress.

    Thanks for help, Phye, it really means a lot. I would love to learn about programming and it would probably help me a lot in my classes. However, I don't know where to start! T_T
    Try to work your way around the emoticons; you can do it.

    Anyway, any information about computers would be helpful; apparently I'm taking a computer science program and I absolutely have no knowledge on computers. (Sad ain't it? DX)

    I don't draw pictures by mouse per se. First, I draw the sketch by hand, then I scan it, then I crop the picture in Photoshop and begin working on the image from there. (Such as this image for example: http://www.dragonflycave.com/forums/picture.php?albumid=281&pictureid=3230) If I had a tablet, the line curves, shading and highlights would be so much easier to do, but hey, at least doing all this by mouse gives me a challenge and I love challenges.

    By the way: do you think I should make an art thread?

    Anyway, I've been preparing myself for college and classes start this Monday unfortunately. (Do you know anything about computers?) :( I've also been experimenting with the tools on Photoshop to try new digital art styles. It'd be easier if I had a tablet though...
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