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  • psst, hatchlings can still die before and after their wings!! you might want to revisit the hatchery and put them back in after they hatch out of their eggs.
    it's gonna hatch soon! :D it's kinda obvious if it dies, if it does it splits into just the bottom half I think.
    >That Stryke has stolen my favorite meme

    I'll get you, my pretty! And your little doge, too!! Ehehehe!!!
    you can use some of the free hatcheries though! stuff like this hatchery has an emergency room too so if you really need to hatch dragons you can put them in here!
    It's a bit too late; those RPs are no longer active. Normally, there will be a signup sheet for it, though; make sure you fill that in before you jump in. To become a Caterpie, you've got to have a certain amount of posts. And it seems you know how to RP, you're just not signing up, and you're doing it in archaic threads that no one's touched for a while.
    ... to sign up for an RP you need to reply to a not dead sign up on the rp lounge.

    Also to change your rank. It goes by your post count. One hundred posts is Caterpie. The highest is Butterfree at 1k.

    But please stop bumping dead RPs.
    Okay, here's the dealie-o. You want to RP evidently, which is wonderful. You also need some serious etiquette training. Especially if you plan to run your own. So what, are you up for some serious RPing (serious meaning "let's do this right way," not "time for your gameface let's build our lives around this")? Because I'm all for helping you out there.
    It would be appreciated if you stopped posting in RPs-- it's quite obvious you don't know what you're doing, as the RPs are all dead and you never signed up.
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