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  • By the way, feel free to put these in your notebook in your user cp to use. That's what I do.
    Then why did I have it in my user cp
    ...Wow, I forgot what Bing was for a second. I was like
    "Bing... Sound effect. Bing... Bing noise... Search engine! It's a search engine."

    Really? It's tv show, an interesting one at that. Google it. Although I may have spelled it wrong...
    Sprited Away?

    *Explodes with fwee*

    Oh, I love that! It was the first real anime I ever watched (Except for pokemon), and it's probably the reason I'm an anime freak today!

    Ever seen "Howl's Moving Castle"?
    I hope so...

    Seems like we're both anime freaks. Any favorites? Mine would be Dragonball Z Kai and Duradura!!.
    ...All of those movies are ones I wanted to see really bad, but didn't have the money.

    Anime is not cheesy, it's ANIME-SOME!
    Yesh, it sounds like there is. =)
    So, what are you into? I'm a Dragonball Z freak myself.
    Hey. I'm not sure what to say, so... You seem pretty cool and I think we might have some things in common, so maybe we'd be good friends. Like ponies?
    That actually sounds better than s'mores! Mmmmm I want some now :D
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