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Recent content by sagefo

  1. sagefo

    What Games Are You Waiting For?

    Scribblenauts and Fallout: New Vegas, even though there's been practically no news on it whatsoever.
  2. sagefo

    Open Magnate Apocalypse

    Upon looking out, Kai noticed a rather strange sight. Four humans were apparently carrying of a Magnate Verminus. They were being pursued by three Daeva: a magnate lupus, a shadowy creature which was most likely an Umbrus, and some sort of humanoid shark which Kai identified as an Anglus...
  3. sagefo

    Creepiest Song?

    Leslie Ann Levine, by The Decemberists. Something about dead babies is just creepy as hell.
  4. sagefo

    Open Magnate Apocalypse

    Kai attempted to make a smooth, air to ground landing into the mouth of the cave, but once again only ended up crashing to the rocky floor, producing a sickening crack from his shoulder. Kai breathed a heavy sigh that was half pain, half disappointment. Begrudgingly, he gilded over to the far...
  5. sagefo

    Door to Door Atheists Bother Mormons

    The rant at the beginning was the best part.
  6. sagefo

    Your Biggest "Fail" Moment in a Video Game

    Well, my character in Morrowind has really high acrobatics, so i can make huge jumps without taking damage. I was playing Fallout 3 at a friends house, and because of my memories of Morrowind, I thought that I could jump my character off a 20 foot ledge and survive. A few seconds after I jumped...
  7. sagefo


    For all we know, the universe is endless, or nearly so. So, it wouldn't come as a huge surprise that somewhere out ther is some other form of life, intelligent or not.
  8. sagefo

    Life after Death?

    Actually, there may be some evidence for the existence of souls. There is a law of science that says energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. Now, there is a sort of energy field that controls the human conscience. And, according to the aforementioned law, something must...
  9. sagefo

    Are you in a relationship?

    Well... that's slightly reassuring.
  10. sagefo

    Open Magnate Apocalypse

    I dont know if there are any spots left but-IF SO-I have a bio. Oh, and keep in mind that this is my first entry into an online RP, so expect me to make some mistakes. *ahem* Name: Kai Age: 13 Personality: Quiet, moody and unpredictable. Cold and emotionless on the outside, haunted on the...
  11. sagefo

    Are you in a relationship?

    Never have been. This may be because most of the physically attractive girls at my school are "poular", which apparently means they have to be complete bitches. Maybe its because I'm barely thirteen years old. Or maybe (and this is the likely case) Its because, even though I live in fucking...
  12. sagefo


    I like my hair and eyes. Thats about it.
  13. sagefo

    Encyclopedia Dramatica

    Um...*awkward Silence* And, yes, I was referring to the site as a whole. But then i read that none of it is meant to be taken seriously, so it's not so bad.
  14. sagefo

    R/B/Y Oddly Learnt Moves

    Dodrio can fly...somehow. And i think gyarados can learn Flamethrower.
  15. sagefo

    Pokemon Memorial Thread

    R.I.P Blaziken 2003-2005 R.I.P Leafer the Tropius 2003-2005 That Blaziken was nearly Lv 80. Oh, how I took him for granted...
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