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    I have recently been feeling the urge to read The Last Olympian again. That was freaking epic.
    Cool~ Have you read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books? They're based off Greek mythology.
    YES :3

    Atleast I think so. I actually got it from Tutenstein (yes that's a show on Discovery Kids, I used to watch it when I was little), but that follows Greek mythology :P
    Huh, I didn't know that, and I love Greek mythology. D: Set is from Egyptian mythology though, right?
    I know where one of your GPX+'s pokemon's name comes from, the one named Cadmus. It's from Justice League, right? Do I get a cookie?
    Probably the hardest part would be finding a good place for us to have sparring matches. We wouldn't want Thorn to cut up Poiedon's back, now would we?
    Boo. I had a thought a while ago, and have been procrastinating telling you this, but, let's say that, in the Freedom Fighters, Xhan and Thorn are Friendly Rivals. You know, they have nothing against eachother, but Xhan wants to beat Thorn in a sparring battle ALL THE TIME. Just a thought. (BTW, I'm DEFINETLY going to make Xhan more serious after he evolves.
    Hidey Hey. Post on After the End!!!

    I probably am not one to talk, since I'm pretty much non-existant in my own RP.
    My first scratch!

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