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  • No it's fine I jst needed to clear things up. I'm rather busy so I couldn't recall anything. Thank you for staying with us though.
    Like I said before, I'm working on it with Negrek. It's almost done; all I need to do is wait for her reply right now. I think I've adressed all the unclear parts unless she finds more somehow.
    Just a little more patience, please D:
    Hey, I'm going to have to remove your character if you don't post a sig. move. Unless we have discussed some excusion of this task remind me before Apophis is removed.
    No problem; getting all those points is amazingly easy. Especially when you're accustomed to GPX+ (1 point per interaction :<)

    *goes off to get my own*
    You say you found them on Google? Well, you had better give credit, then. Can't just go stealing art, you know. It's disrespectful to the artist, among other things.
    Not exactly the same thing!

    Shining Eevee: Happy birthday! (exclamation mark, no emoticon)

    Me: Happy birthday :3 (kitty face, no exclamation mark)

    Evoli: Happy birthday!! =D (2 exclamation marks and a grin)

    I'm pedantic~
    Definitely not. The only thing I can draw is abstract, since abstract art is mostly a bunch of lines that don't have to make any sense. I can also draw stick people if I'm having a lucky day :3

    I got the Ninetales avatar through Google search and the profile pic was fanart off lugia.us
    Accepted, like every Friend Request that comes my way.

    I dunno if I'm just too nice to hurt peoples' feelings but hey, all the people that have actually bothered have been awesome anyways. All the people here are (except for people like Terry T. But thankfully he isn't bugging the hell outta everyone anymore).

    Oh, and someone is actually reffing a match? A match with me? Madness.
    what why are you not on my friend list get over here too

    Also- I took this.

    OH MY GOD *goes to see what place I'm in for Post Count*


    Hey, that's my age. My *counts on fingers* 11-days-from-now age.
    Eh, that's okay. It was just a bit weird, because I was sure I never told anyone my name.

    Maybe Vendetta or Erindor told you off-screen, I dunno.
    Oh dear, I'm sorry. I kept trying to keep that mental note of her not using her name but it slipped my mind because you still posted. We can have a formal introduction after the saffron rescue.

    "Forgive me," sobs T_T
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