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  • Ah.
    Actually, does this make sense? I just need to know if it sounds too outlandish, not things that are remotely ASB knowledge.

    [Mintleaf] Snivy (F)
    Ability: Overgrow

    Body Mod: Minty Leaves

    Mintleaf's original owner had bred her to a single goal: to produce a
    minty taste when Mintleaf's leaves are chewed on, along with a
    fresh mint aroma. The breeding entailed crossbreeding Mintleaf's
    mother and father with the plant species Mentha × piperita, commonly
    known as the peppermint plant. The breeder succeeded, and as a
    result Mintleaf's leafy growths taste quite exhilaratingly minty.
    The leaves can be chewed for +5% energy, at the cost of 2% damage.
    The aroma given off can be smelled by opponents, and there is a
    10% chance that an opponent can come forth and chew Mintleaf's leaves
    of energy at any given time during battle.

    Thank you~

    D: Okay~

    (I can see you don't have a team, but I thought it possible that you might know the basics.)

    Ah. *never really uses GIMP for painting* :3

    are you into ASB, by chance?

    *is trying to get help with her signature move*


    For me, it shows a few error windows before starting up.

    That's a real pain :c If you ever get it running, I can help a lot with the features of it.

    Speaking of teaching, I have free time for once \o/ If you want, this is the perfect time for HTML lessons.
    Fun fun!~


    Ah. I've never heard of it. Yay~

    GIMP 2.6.

    *loves GIMP for being so useful and free <3*
    Hi! :D :D :D :D

    I've started recoloring B/W animated Pokemon sprites! Paint SAI? :o What's that?

    haha :3 Buizel coin purse? :3

    :o how so? :3

    HEY so did you know I'm a kitty pretending to be a human
    Since my mom is a little too lazy to drive me there D:


    Hm...Giratina Origin Forme! Or maybe Scizor, or Dialga...OH AND EMPOLEON

    okay I'm done
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