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  • i'm trying to look for something you bet i am

    if you could id be grateful for you for so long
    Yes, but Google searches are being fruitless

    and I can't find anything that's not "flooded iPod"
    Arghh ;-;

    My dad's stuck with a car that's flooded and won't start

    and I've got to figure out how to get it to start then call him

    and his phone is dying

    and it's too much ;;
    no, I'll still be here it turns out

    but I'm afraid I have a bit of a bad situation now.

    Okay, fine.

    Meh, that's fine.

    I can deal with case sensitivity~ (look at me, grammatical obsessed girl!)
    I'll try to follow; I've always been good at explaining things, maybe it'll pass on to you? :o Is it basically that you've learned it so well that it just becomes "write this here, this goes here~"?

    Must be!

    Haha, alright.
    Actually it went pretty well. Typically I just have to not screw up on the first few sentences and then I enter this zone of confidence.
    (unfortunately it causes me to talk really fast)
    Oh, and what timezone are you in? :o I'm in...EST, and it's 12:50ish here.

    Bedtime=1:00 AM.

    I'm here from about...12:00 PM to 1:00 AM EST. I don't go to public school, I'm actually homeschooled.

    Oh yeah! Do you have a B/W Friend Code, by any chance..?

    White: (Ingame name is Blossom) 4040-6087-8508

    x3 I'm the only one I know who never got...'Bieber Fever." or anything of the like. However, I am MJ-obsessed. (Don't worry, I don't incorperate it into my usual speech.) Also, I actually dislike Nickolodeon and Disney for the most part.

    Oh? You could help me out, then, I've been trying to learn Java and Flash for a while! Haha, it could be a trade-teaching...!

    all of TCoDf members are insane and crazy are they not
    Hm. :3

    Usually people called me Mewtini, but a couple call me Mewt.


    :3 Hmm...Dream World? :3 And HTML.

    and did I mention that I like health shows like Mystery Diagnosis?

    Also, I'm...considerably different from other ten year olds I know of, so that'll be fun :D

    I'm eccentric, though.
    That's what I'm scared of.

    Oh, I don't mind. Also you can call me Mewtini (or "Mewt" and "Mewy").

    I tend to read through the forums a lot, so I pretty much recognize several members. *shakes hand*
    Finally gave that speech! :3

    Forgot to ask, but, what language are you programming in?
    (I happen to know a little Visual Basic and I once used some C++)
    ooh, ooh, ohh! I know! You should totally check out Xenogears. And you also should get Persona 2: Innocent Sin and the translation patch :D I could go on for hours as to what PSX games you should play :D

    Yepyep, summer classes :/ Well, I can at least get my gen eds out of the way. I'm planning on majoring in computer science, maybe minoring in something having to do with cooking :D such a random combo I know lol, but I found out I like cooking so I figured I may as well take a crack at it haha.
    Well, right now my eyes are on fire and I'm working on a speech that I have to present tomorrow.

    If you meant my sig, it's a quote from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

    In the end, we're all just some guys (except for the gals).
    Holy fuck i didn't see this because I rarely come on here anymore >.>

    But that's great! I haven't been too well myself though. Life stuff, family shit going down. Well, that and it's just insanely difficult for me to get some good sleep nowadays :<

    I mean, other than that I haven't been too bad! I'm signing up for summer classes in college, so I'll have something other than vidya to keep me busy for about a month :D

    Oh yeah, and Dynasty Warriors 7. That's about it, haha.
    1) It's an awesome RP shaped like pokemon, although the rules are hard to understand and your critters have a chance to die if you're not careful. Here, and then there's natrelmon.com.
    Now I'll stop before I get banned for adverising. Still, any chance you could convince some people to join? We really need new users.

    2) Yea... It's sick. But at least the school was incredible in terms of learning. Kinda. In a way.
    And the directior(a she) was a total bitch who deserves a knife trough her V------ if she has one.
    I doubt it.

    3)He's a friggin fetishist. Good thing he doesn't live close to me. I mean, he's 2.1 Meter tall and wears a raven/crow costume all the time. Creepy. And the crows seem to follow him wherever he goes because he feeds them daily.

    4) You still in contact with scyther? If so, How is he?
    Eeeh. Im not really back either. I mean, I chat a little, and check once every 2 days.
    Generally, I spend my time at natrelmon.

    Dunno. Im just a bit wierd. I mean, I don't care for hygiene, I do stuff with animals and touch animals no one would touch(I.E. that poor cat from the garbage bin).
    Well, mine suck since I've spent 6 years of my life in an asylum(not a literal one, mind you-MUCH worse). Anyway, I've ben beat to a pulp every 2 days, so it's no wonder I define humankind as a bunch of ugly apes with no morallity who have sex like drunk squirrels.

    Well, that's about it. I'll stop before I might end up talknig about my neighbour who gets dirty with crows.
    WHAT. Your back?

    Well, I might a well return, although im still not taking risks, seeing how my mind was scarred(further details will be given if requested), but I might come back and VM with you till my fingers bleed.

    I mean, as an internet person, you are quite sane- unlike me.
    Or maybe it's because of my horrible social skills, seeing that I truly believe that the world is a 'bitch eat bitch' world(not 'dog eat dog', mind you), and that I don't believe in bullshit like 'don't hit girls'....=/

    lol. Well, anyway, I guess I can be called sane, but I just suck when it comes to social skills.
    Unlike my best friend(yea my life sucks). I think he's retarded.
    like, I mean, the actual thing, not just the metaphor.
    He's got an autostic sister and gnome brother, so....


    Not Im gonna stop complaining about my horrible life and go ask Kam wether we should simply PM each other instead of Emailing.
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