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  • Nostalgia is coming for you!
    Or not.
    Anyway, how are you?
    Noticed your new info and decided to drop by.
    Im chattering with Kam. And it's not pretty.
    Still afraid of this place, though.
    Yup, I have an IGA down the street. =D At least you have a job, though even if I was old enough I don't really want one... ^^;

    MY SHOW WAS THE BEST EVER! I ended up getting three small solo things, and I worked on my character really hard and it was SO FUN!!! And remember how I really didn't want to be the monkey? That's the part that most people complimented on! One of my teachers didn't recognize me for a few scenes (and not just because of my unitard and crazy makeup. ^^;) Yeah so it was the best show ever and they're making the DVD and I want it SO BAD!

    Uh...I kinda got a billion awards. <3 I got a bunch of certificates for math contests and stuff, and top student in Foods 9 and French 9 and...*checks* Choir 9. And top overall gr. 9 and top performing/producing (fine arts) gr. 9. =D =D I was really shocked though; they describe the student and then say their name and call them up. For the fine arts one I recognized that they were talking about ke and had a mini-freak out in my chair, and the second one I had no idea it was me until they called my name. =) That was a good day.

    Plus finals are over and I think I did really well on them...I think. Umm...- AAAH I GOT AN XBOX 360! <3 My dad bought it and I can't stop playing Final Fantasy XIII. Yaaaaay.
    Whayoufailwhut. That sucks. ;.; As long as you're okay with it, it's fine, though. I don't have my report card yet; I get it in a week and a half because all the older kids have provincial exams.

    Wow, it has been a while. Gosh. Wow.

    Yay, I got out of school today~
    xD and apparently i'm also blazhy's father!brother or something.


    i realized i had messenger on msn a few days ago, so.
    it's fine. :p oh yeah, and blazhy is my sister and typh and mercy are married and my nieces.

    :p i tend to just get obsessed with one pokemon at one point and squee over it for a few weeks. xD
    i proposed to arylett a few months ago. c:

    it depends on how much i like it - sometimes i really like it. c:
    ah, now i see how you may have gotten confused. xD what meant was a tcod family. xP


    i am going to make that.
    how does saying that i have a family imply there are problems in it? .-.

    also, you realize it's not a real family, right? xD
    Oh, dear. I've gotten lazy and haven't replied, amiright?

    ...What do you mean, you're wondering why you're studying? It's to get better marks. I mean, you grades have improved, right? And even if they haven't, that just means youneed a new study technique, or you need to go in and talk to your teacher if you haven't already done so. Sometimes I don't get stuff, but one sentence from my teacher explains so well that I understand. Just keep trying.

    You wanna be a math teacher? That first sentence wasn't clear, but I think that's what you were saying. That's good! I'm thinking of going into music now because that's what I love, so you can take my place. =D Math is good. Being a teacher is...pretty good, but a lot of my teaching attempts have failed. I talk to fast and explain stuff in ways that are really complicated and I don't always listen to the people I'm teahing, so...I'll sing and act instead. And become a best-selling novelist on the side! (I wish. -.-)
    OH OH OH I FORGOT. I finally updated A Divide, if you haven't seen. It's way (well, only kind of) different from chapter 1, so...read it. =D
    Well I suppose it was slightly stalkerish...but, really, I didn't feel like talking to anybody of the other gender due to a bunch of issues I'm having and I was worried they'd end up spilling out but I don't want to be influenced by what others think...though that's kind of impossible. =/ Anyway, I'm good now. I think.

    We're doing Ohm's Law right now. =) Confusing but easy. She said we needed calculators but so far I've done everything accurately and easily by hand. =D And apparently I'm getting 95% so I'm happy with Science right now.

    Oh. Heh. Bad subject. Um...I restarted HeartGold. xD I always restart a few times until I decide to keep the file, only to restart a few years later...so it's nothing new. But I'm using a bunch of Pokemon I don't normally use so I'm looking forward to this run.
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