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    No, more because I really have to be careful when I get on my e-mail, you see. Ever since they spotted an email from Butterfree, they assume that I'm on a forum associating with evil liberals and athiests that will take over my mind. *sniggers* Sorry, though.

    OK, I'm really happy that you may be coming back, but more bedazzled by the fact that you're during work and energy. It's the same thing I'm doing now, heh. Good luck on it though, seriously.

    And, uh, huh? In love with? I believe I read something in one of your conversations with Blazie, but I didn't think much of it. Should I start my shipping?

    I know how you feel. TCoD, though it may sound hokey, has been a life changing experiance. It's given me a whole new perspective (a perspective most thirteen year olds don't have, mind you).

    I'm excited for you to be back. ^_^ Then, we can finnaly chat consitently. And I congratulate you on having the maturity and willpower to leave TCoD for the sake of grades.
    Sorry, but Youtube has been very mean to me since I've first tried to open that. I'm very intrested in seeing it though; maybe it'll work later.

    Also, heh heh, woops. That was always what I sort of figured. Sorry Blazie!

    So much time has passed since we've last talked (my fault, I'm truely sorry.) are you still concerned with this? I could go on, but only if you want me to.

    Hm. I was reading our old conversations, and I cam e across the most hilareous one. It made me giggle, at very least. *ahem*

    "Okay, truth be told, I wasn't honest in my previous message. I didn't want to say it so I wouldn't hurt your feelings but since you mentioned it yourself...: you're right, it's absolute terrible, one of the worst collages I've seen (it's one of the best of the worst though. :D). No offense or anything, but hey, at least you gave it a shot rather than did nothing. I'll rearrange it; each persona is too distant from Nottie I find."

    Ha. That message just screams Skroy. But meh.

    ...Wait you've left? Oh no. Please be back soon, and if not, I'll risk Facebook.
    =D =D I want my Ho-oh but I'm still in the process of getting Clair to give me the eighth badge. And finding Heart Scales, which isn't going well at all, but meh. Okay, the Voltorb card game atthe Game Corner is addicting, and since I need 20000 coins for these TMs I want I'll be spending a lot of time on it.


    You're doing bad? Bad does not equal good. Hopefully you'll get this before you take a break. I will try to get the second chapter of A Divide posted soon, so hopefully you can look forward to that. =)
    Hey, Skroy, any news?

    I've got good news(for me)!

    I've got a 98(out of 100) in a math test that assembles 20% of my total grade, a 90 and a 93 in two langauges I would rather not mention(neither english nor german, btw).
    Eh, I gave one of them a kinda wimpy talking-to. I didn't really mind as long as they came at all. ^^


    AHH AHH I LOVE HEARTGOLD! <3 I have the coolest team ever, and the graphics and music are cool and I'm really nostalgic and the Pokethlon is fun. And the optional touch screen-based playing style is the coolest thin in the universe and when I play my Pearl again I'll be confused because I actually have to press B to run and X to bring up the menu. xD

    And hats are cool. Pikachu hats are cooler, though I doubt I'd have the guts to wear it in public. =P Hey, I'm self-conscious amd all that stuff. ^^;


    Whee, we're doing static electricity in science and my teacher brought in a Van de Graff generator. (I'm pretty sure that's the name.) It charges static, and if your hand is on it when it turns on and you keep it there the electricity builds up in you. My hair was a bit damp and it went crazy and stood up like you wouldn't believe. Then we made a chain, but that wasn't as fun because people kept purposely breaking it so the whole line would get shocks. xD
    >.< My March/Spring Break isn't until the end of March. (Curse you school district...) But I think they added the Easter holidays and a Pro-D day onto it, so it's extra long. =)


    THANK YOU! Noelle looks cool cool cool. Different than I imagined, but I love her! =D

    I got jeans. And chocolate and a statue doll thing. And my parents have ordered HeartGold and a straightener and other family gave me a total of $140. <3 Money is good. And we had the opening night of LSoH, which was fabulously amazing. I honestly think it was one of the best performances we've ever had.

    ^I wrote that a while ago before I did tonight's show, so. 'TWas also very good, and two guys I know from math came. But they left when it was over so I couldn't talk to themafter. =( They'll get heck from me on Monday. ^^
    I guess we all think ourselves unappealing...Unfortunately, it's kind of hard to change that, even if you know it. I've tried, but it doesn't work very well.


    Gah...that's really good reasoning. Like, it makes answering sound really appealing, but I don't have one. =/ And, honestly, I'm really laaaaazy. I don't want to think right now. ^^;


    My birthday is on Friday~ White chocolate is good in...aah, what's the word...like 'small doses' but- oh, right. It's good in moderation, but too much makes it taste too chalky and weird.

    Midterms are bad. I have none. xD I had a math midterm but it runs all year so it was in January with a bunch of finals.
    Huh? No, it wasn't rude. It's fine. =)


    Ahaha, how did 'cuddly' get into the list? xD I tend to use that for some of my bigger teachers, as they're usually the ones I get to know and feel comfortable hugging. I like hugs. ^^


    ...I don't actually know. I've thought about it and slept on it, but I don't really have a definite answer as of right now. Maybe in a few years...^^; But it's actually a reallygood question.


    So...I'm most likely getting HeartGold when it comes out. Well, really, I'm pretty much guaranteed, because I asked for it for my birthday. =D Yaaaaay. That and chocolate. Gotta love chocolate. And a bunch of other stuffs like books, but HeartGold would make me the happiest.

    And chocolate. =)
    Uhm...no? Aah, you're embarrassing me! I was bored and my mom was going on a picture-fest so I randomly posed. ^^ And it's taken care of; I edited the link out. (Though I admit that if I hadn't been so pleased with myself I would have thought to PM you instead. ^^;)


    Note button. Got it. =) ...Whoo. Yeah, I'll move on.


    A hypnotist show sounds awesome, but...I'd rather not hear the XXX rated stuffs. =/ The stories are good, but I'm not completely comfortable with them, so... I'll have to pass. But if you have other random stories to share, go ahead. =D
    Well, I know this is my third consecutive message, but...

    No stalking my profile, mind you, but I was bored and deleted y profile pictures except those and then noticed a link which lets anyone see the album...so there you are. What I look like. =)
    Hiiiii. =) Yeah, you haven't replied to my previous message yet, but for now I'm going to keep talking to you on here, because my friend will be stalking me now and she doesn't know you exist. Well, she was beside me when I added you, but I told her you were from our school, in musical theater and that was how I knew you. ^^; It couldn't be further from the truth, and I don't know how to privately message you. So I'll talk to you here until I figure deviant out.

    My mom brought up our recordings of the closing ceremonies on our flatscreen, took pictures of them and put them on Facebook. =) Plus some person posted pictures of our formations which look really cool. We're that much closer to you seeing my face... AKA We're still a million miles away. =/

    And now I feel bad because the guy I was talking about broke his right wrist yesterday skiing, and we're doing linear equations and he can barely draw the graphs. Oddly enough, he barely came to class on time and I was wondering if maybe he got injured on the trip and was at home, and it turned out I was half-right. ^^;

    And I just realized that you and him share a name; his is Ryan. =D
    Well, I'm pretty sure it was just national, but maybe in some country like France I got on somehow. =D That would be cool. But I'm just glad that NBC is avaliable here so I could actually see it. =) And I promise that someday you will see a picture of me... Hopefully 'someday' doesn't end up meaning 'in five years.' :/


    I don't know... Well, though he's really smart, he says really unusual things, like mentioning his weight or teasing me like he did with the grade 12 math. And once he told me that he got a test question wrong on purpose to 'appear normal' and I still don't know if he was telling the truth. xD Plus his accent is really strong, so sometimes I can only smile, nod, and pretend I get it. (Though that doesn't happen too much.) But he's really nice, and his oddness is kinda sweet (sometimes), so he makes up for it.


    Well...reading that was slightly uncomfortable. But still, very funny. Some drag queens are bad, but some you can't even tell they're guys. I'm assuming the ones at your bingo were the latter. xD
    Haha a woman named Jane talked us through it every time, so as I watched I kept saying stuff like "about-face, cut right, cut left, straight, explosion go!" 'Twas exciting! I will search for my three seconds of fame. And I found out that the number I'm in is a song on iTunes...

    THE FLYING MOOSE MADE MY DAY. That and the beavers. AND THE DANCING MOUNTIES OH MY GOSH! That ceremony was win even though some people hated it. Poor Micheal J. Fox's lever didn't work. =(
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