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  • I only have Pesterchum on my phone because reasons, but I'm still nercaniaOrccelga if you want to

    Also really it's much more me being lazy, sorry
    oh, sorry!

    Iii'm not sure what I'd do for it, but you could put me down as a firm "maybe" I guess I'm gomen

    I still don't Kingdom Hearts, yeah

    Depends on what it's about, I guess? If you end up needing members, I could try, but. I'm not sure if that's that best idea.
    You remind me of someone I knew, especially with that friends list of yours.

    Did you have 'Captain' as an alias on another forum?
    Also btw I just disconnected /for your own good/ now go do things >|||

    I can't think of things to say to your things so. Sorry.
    Yeah, same here, I guess? I had Mafia for a while, but I'm tired of it after probably something like four months of it being practically the only thing I do here. It feels pretty much the same every time now.

    Well, is mostly how, I suppose? I feel weeeiiird asking this, but you're together with Arylett, right? Like, is that just it, or have things at home been improving?

    A lot of us have that problem, don't we? I haven't seen Squorn in a long time, either, but I've never even talked to her so!

    I have Pesterchum, do you? Homestuck is my only motivation to get a chat thing ahaha no wait that's sort of sad.
    I'm a bit reluctant to actually say I've /moved on/, considering I'm still online all the time and everything... but yeah. I suppose I'm most active on tumblr now? But I mostly rebubble things there so. I've never been attracted to any particular ASB league other than TCoD, really, but the new system seems pretty off anyway so. Eh. I really hope it's optional.

    That's good! I'm glad you're feeling better. <> I'm not sure if you want to be pressed on that part?

    ... Actually, if we were ever moirails I was a pretty terrible one, sorry. :(

    ... Well, I've pretty much retreated to lurking now (except for VMs?), so I'm not much better.

    How've you been?
    Will do!

    If you say so, I suppose. And what are they? When I actually made characters (haha), I just looked to see what the RP was missing and would be entertaining to play.
    Maybe! And then you can even have the joy of setting me up with an annoying type disadvantage.

    Well, it's not like my school is ~amazing~ outside of the start and end times. And that... doesn't make any sense with the Spanish thing. Well. You should! And make sure they're all different and fun and yeah. No idea how to come up with the concepts, though.
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