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  • The Dragons' Den Simulations. I wouldn't get to use my own pokemon, but it wouldn't matter that much. And it's fine!

    I guess my school just starts and ends a bit early, then! Hopefully exams go well for you... and I think I'm just going to use three characters for pretty much everything now, too. Haha. Rebecca is definitely one of them!
    ... Actually, no. :( But I'm involved in the Simulations now! It totally wouldn't be cheating to suggest that you take the next match, right! (And it's... pretty much done. Sigh. I don't want to admit it, but there's almost no chance of me winning.)

    Also, school's out for the summer (at least for me)! \o/ So I'd love to try Sanctic again. I was looking through my album here on TCoD and, well... all that terrible art of it brought up memories. I might even take two characters, if possible! I've had an urge to reuse Diamond; you probably don't know her, though. Maybe even Beauty, if I can take her somewhere.
    Oh, I didn't know you straight-out forgot xD; I'd have given you a poke earlier, then. And it's no biggie; everyone forgets things from time to time.
    Hey Skyman, it's been a few months since you said you'd ref my and ABCD's battle again. Are you still able to ref it, or should I call for an e-ref?
    Can do~ I think there's probably two rounds left at most.

    Well, Rebecca is only a zigzagoon! She might become a linoone, but that would require me getting myself out of the tremendous hole I dug myself into and dealing with a porygon. (I hate the porygon line, mostly because they're hard to deal with.)
    Sorta kinda not really. I technically do, but Negrek asked to battle me for negs birthday (I also ended up reffing negs battle but still) and I'd feel kind of bad if I picked up another challenge. I have a battle that's about to end, though!

    Coincidentally, I've managed to induct Storm and Metalos into ASB! We're going to have that Sanctic battle eventually~ You're still up for it, I assume?
    Hey man, remember this battle? The other guy wants to free up his battle slot and we've agreed to get this ended in a draw. If you don't respond within...two days (I have no clue how active you are)? That seems good. Two days, Munchkin and I'll get an e-ref to end it.
    Doesn't really matter, actually. Generally, I think of it being name then rank/squad, but I've heard it both ways.
    I just described your character as already being present on the hill. Once everyone arrives, you just state your name, squad and rank, and paraphrase the mission as best you can! ;D
    Hey, so since you're all done with your form, me and Ulqi decided that you should be the one who delivers the orders at Sokyoku Hill. This would explain why your name was not listed by the Hell Butterfly. Stealth Force regularly give messages out anyhow, so you representing the captains in the debriefing would be perfectly normal. After, you'll tag along with us. Sound good?
    Okay, well let me start with this:

    You can choose either a combat-based shikai, or a kido-base. (Kido is basically magic)

    Combat are basically powerless, like what Yoshi picked. Squad 11 is a good squad for those ones.

    Kido based are the more common ones. Pick this, then decide if you want it based on fire, water, whatever. There are other really cool ones, like one in the show that doubles the weight of whatever it cuts, so it doesn't necessarily have to be element-based.

    For that weapon, I'm thinkin' something with water. Just because. :D
    Yello, thar, I have a link to Bleach for you. Even took the time to find the page with the first episode. :3 If you have any questions, you can always ask me~ Hope you like the series!
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