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  • Two things-Where is the Roleplay being held? It is in November, right?

    And also Dark Souls is an amazingly awesome thing, am getting it for Christmas, woo!
    yo wazzup just to say that your battle with Zapi has been reffed, it's just that by some weird shenanigans it doesn't show up as updated, so yeah, just letting you know.
    Yeah, it's classified as one of those weird random evolutions (e.g. Mount Coronet for Magneton and Probopass, Piloswine needing Ancientpower, etc.), so it takes 3 EXP. You should be able to choose which it becomes when evolving the Eevee.
    Uhm, I don't mean to be rude, but are you going to put up the thread for my battle against ABCD? If you changed your mind in reffing it, that's no problem; I'll try to find someone else.
    Thanks! I suppose I have to be the least idiotic as possible when facing Kratos, though, so I don't know. At the moment I'm too tired to think of a counter for my orders (which is what I do when I order commands first; I try to think of counters and fix my commands so they can't be abused).

    What happened to this positive thiiinkiiing :/
    It would be appreciated if you were honest; how idiotic do my commands look?
    Also if you like DnD, go to youtube and check out dead gentlemen productions... their series' "The Gamers" and "Journeyquest". They are funny as hell... The Gamers: Dorkness Rising is especially funny.
    Maybe a blend of both? Let's see who plays DnD here at TCoD? I think BRCB does, and sreservoir... I think. I could bring the DnD club back from the dead. See if that brings any interested people. I think I'll do that.
    We will still need a DM. I am terrible don't ask. I mean I was just putting up a suggestion...

    I was thinking either here in the RP section, or in skype or something. See my regular group broke up, literally. And I've been missing gaming sooo much since then.
    Yay, that makes a grand total of... you. Yeah no one else has contacted me. At all. It's sad.
    Hey, thanks for taking my battle with ABCD :D I'd return the favour and ref one of your battles, too, but I want to be able to ref the tourney battle quickly, so I can't take any at the moment. Once I'm done reffing that battle, though, feel free to contact me and I'll take one of your battles~

    Anyway, I'm done rearranging my squad and you can post the thread now. Thanks again!
    Two out of three of my pokemon are basic unevolveds oh well
    Thanks. Of course, neither Azuraine nor Tuft will be in use today (Azuraine because of predictability and also the idea of a nidoroyalty battle, Tuft due to fifth gen movepool constraints).

    New idea for Kaleidoscope! See, her name comes from tinted lens, and I think I'll have her sig thing about changing the types of the moves she uses or something, maybe even adding a few "spotlight" or light-based moves. Like, maybe she has the option to change every plausible move (so not ice beam or anything) into bug type, or something... it's still a rough idea.

    It's not too confusing, actually. I think, though, that at the moment the abilities seem too different (Kaleidoscope's all have to do with light and the ability tinted lens, and therefore as an example it wouldn't make sense to have her get taunted when upstaged or anything because even though it has things to do with acting and the spotlight it's still not light or tinted lenses); how is his portal-making connected to his relationship with Sora or Kairi?

    Eee I probably sound super critical but I don't want to really. I guess it's almost as good as an actual approver's thing, though? I kind of felt really stupid with Whirlpool's extremely true criticism so maybe it's best this way. I don't know.
    ... kratos' fully evolved pokemon are intimidating D:
    it makes me look really stupid "OH MY GOD LOOK MAI HAS A CYNDAQUIL AND A ZIGZAGOON I'M DOOMED NOW" >(

    Sure! :O Kaleidoscope is going to have something about her being the star (it's her), Dia is probably going to have something about her having super-strong diamonds on her, and Ninja is going to have something to do with being a mummy. Because that's what accelgor look like, damn it! Not ninjas. Rebecca is eventually going to get that Airbender attribute, too. This is more a ramble than an actual thing and probably unreviewable, but whatever.
    Derp same here. I have ideas for almost every pokemon I have (and some for pokemon I don't have >_<)
    ALSO I have a history project that I still have to do 2/3s of that's due tomorrow. So, there's that irony.

    It's not the items themselves I'm strapped for cash on; it's the paranoia/hopefulness that someone will say "I'll take $39 for that candy if you ref my battle!" or something like that and I'll be like "But I already bought items so now I'm broke :("

    Lending money isn't really necessary, but thanks for the offer!
    This has been playing on repeat for like thirty minutes now. It seems oddly ironic and fitting.

    I still have to buy items, but I don't know if I'll need my cash. >(
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