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Solar Espeon
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  • If you have Po, that would be awesome.

    I was thinking about a profile battle.

    (I am on the Reborn server as we speak)
    How dare they steal SolarEspeon.

    *Amber walks up tired and seemed like she had just been in a fight*

    Amber: Rose is one tough battler.
    I'm glad you're here! You should see all the cool stuff we have in Fish Jumpas!
    *shrugs* I am not sure why. Maybe it was the design of Minecraft. It is kinda weird looking. Also, it could be that I lost my username and password.

    I may go back and start playing again, but not at the moment. I am into forums right now. I have signed up for Facebook just two days ago. (I was debating a long time before since I kept seeing fights break out because of it and I am not into all that type of drama)
    Amber: What??? Hello, you must be Rose?
    *Amber gets excited and starts prancing around*

    Me to Amber and Rose: Aww, you two shall become best friends.
    Amber: I would like that very much. Where is Rose?

    Well, I hope so one day. So, shall you be roleplaying here? I have a new one starting called Battle of the Kingdoms. Perhaps Rose may be a ruler in that roleplay. Amber is the ruler of the Volcano Tribe.

    Amber: Indeed, I am in command of all the fire-types.
    yeah. Well, i am so glad you are back.

    Amber: Yeah, me too. Though I wasn't born when you and CJ met.
    Awesome, so will you be active enough to participate in roleplays?

    (Amber walks up to Espy, looking at her with some strange understanding)

    Amber: You must be CJ's friend Espy.

    (Also, Pokeboard is blocked still at my school. I am mainly here)

    Espy!! Yay. Where have you been?

    We have so much to talk about. I have a new pet and I have a popular discussion going on called the Daily Pokemon Discussion. There is so much to talk about.

    Anyways, I am glad you are back.
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