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Squornshellous Beta

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  • Okay are you sure you sent it? In any case I tracked down your account's Skype name and added that.
    You sound as if you are feigning excitement!

    I will confirm it on Friday most likely.
    Yeah, I've kind of neglected TCoDf lately :\


    Oh, and by life-changing I mean I've met this bi lady who cosplays HS and lives less than an hour away from me and argh I can't wait to meet her and her equally amazing girlfriend and!
    I know, it's actually life-changing.

    You should add me on my new Skype account I made after Dad found my first one, by the way. I miss talking to you :c
    OH! I thought you said to pass them on TO you, not FROM you. O_o;

    I misread your post....wow.

    Merry belated Christmas by the way^^''
    I like your Regigigas avatar :) He looks cool^^

    Its my brother's birthday now ^_^ He's 21. ^_^

    Well technecly his *real* birthday would start around 11:45 today but still xmas eve in genneral.
    ...Lets just forget they ever possably existed^^; *whistle whistle*

    Maybe I can be a good friend of yours too? :)

    Also, I just watched Alice in Wonderland this morning. XD Happy Un-Birthday to you from the Mad Hatter and The March Hare~^_^...That movie is SOO SILLY. XD They have the whole thing on youtube hahaha. XD
    Death should never have to be the answer... :(
    But, umn...I am greatful to hear your okay now ^_^

    I like how a lot of people on this forum seem really sweet and caring to others ^_^ Its a really nice place here, isn't it? :)

    Do you play Kingdom Hearts? *curious*
    Don't worry dear i'm a kind hearted person :) *huggle's* I read your biography :( Abusive people shouldn't be in this world.

    I hope we can become friends :) If you don't wanna be friends, though, it's understandable. It sounds like you've been through a lot...
    Hey Squorn, for Safari Zone-ish stuff, if a zone doesn't finish because of inactivity, what do I do, just take what Pokémon I have caught with me and leave a tip at the door or something?
    Band shirt. This book. Fifty euros which are technically for new sneakers but will inevtiably be used for other things as well.
    I'm getting increasingly...


    And there's this sort of strange inner shivering that refuses to go away and I'm scared.
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