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  • I dont really know. Ummm....Bidoof with sitrus berry for a charmander?
    P.S. Im not really one who wants gigantic things for rare pokemon. But you'll have to wait cuz it takes time to hatch them. And breed the eggs, that is.
    Hey grim!
    I wanted to ask you what you wolude think about a Beldum/Larvitar/Bagon/Gible/Dratini/Duskull/Charmander/Balbasaur for a small 'price'?
    Tell me if something of these interests you. If not, I can still offer you a torchic/treecko, or any sinnoh starter, since i can now create them.

    Short and good- all sinnoh, all Kanto, and torchic/treecko.
    Can I ask you for a Very very very big yet very simple favour?
    The favour is:
    IF you have uxie, azelf and mesprit, only if you have them, could you fight me trough wi-fi with them?
    I heared that if you see them in someones possesion their data enters you'r p.Dex.
    Plus, I would like to know wether you hve or not captured uxie/mesprit/azelf.
    You have a sitrus berry?
    P.S. Whatcha say 'bout a Bagon/Dratini(your choice!) for a misdreavous?
    Thats one of the few pokemon that I need for my collection.
    Also- is there any chance you have a devious disc?
    Tell me what you'd want for one IF you would sell it.

    Btw, what are Komod dragons?
    I know the answer- do you know it too?
    hey grim!
    I wondered if you would be intersted in a dratini/charmander/beldum/bagon for a minor payment...
    (By that I mean a not very rare pokemon/a damage halving berry, like that chople berry that halves the damage from fighting moves)
    Fair enough. I'll need some time to get a treeko however, wsince I cant transfer any since my old games disappeaerd, and since the only pokemon my sceptile can breed with are torterra and salamance, which are a little less rare. I'll send you a message when I have one.
    Yeah, the transport to and from London shouldn't be too much; one of the fantastic things about living in Kent is that London's not that far away, and with my Young Person's Railcard, I should be able to get a month open return for about £17.
    Oh, and check how much it is to get a Megabus from your nearest big coach station to London Victoria, too; my sister and I are getting to London in the summer from Devon for £1.50 each :D Coaches aren't as comfortable and generally take longer, but they also tend to be way cheaper.

    I think I might get dragged into a PW cosplay group, but the only cosplay I have is Maya, and I think they already have a Maya, so... I might just rainbow myself up to make myself easily identifiable XD
    Well, I'm definitely gonna go on the day where most TCoDers can make it; I might stay for two days, but it depends on money, whether or not I can stay with my friend during the time, and if my sister's coming. She came with me last October and while she didn't really like the con itself that much, we met up with a bunch of our friends from the other con we go to (Tokonatsu), and it was nice to see them all more than once a year.

    So I can't really say right now. I'm looking forward to it, though~ You gonna cosplay?
    Oh, uh; your best bet is the Expo website (http://www.londonexpo.com/), but all the registrations at the moment are for the May Expo (as far as I can tell), not the October one. I've only been once before, and it's a lot of fun; it's at the ExCel Centre, which is in Zone 3 of London (two stops down from Canning Town on the DLR if you've got a tube map handy). The con itself runs for two days, but lots of people only attend for one day because it's expensive to stay overnight and things. It costs something like £9 to get into the Dealer Hall (where there are absolutely loads of stalls selling anime/game/scifi-related things, and some guests; last year they had some people from Heroes), but some people just hang around outside in cosplay and talk to other fans and stuff.

    You should definitely come :)
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