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Zora of Termina

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  • People who put there kids in places like that should not be allowed to care for anyone, That's terrible about you and your friend, and that should not be an acceptable rule. Nobody ever benefits from having all their rights taken away. (think about history, when has this ever had a good result?)

    So you're also free labor? complain and let people know - people get up in arms about breaking child labor laws very quickly. YOU HAVE RIGHTS (SORTA)

    (Hi, Zora's friend! o/~) So do your parents have any thoughts on this, about how dumb this school seems to be? Also that's dumb, as i'm sure you're very aware. people needs more sleep than that and often will willingly refuse it. if a person will willingly get healthy sleep why the hell would they refuse you that? (I assume it's part of the 'punishment', though that'd be abandoning the pretext that they care), (on that note school needs to start later and end later in the day) uh... still that's terrible...

    If there really is /mandatory labor after age 13/ you have a legal complaint and should pursue it.

    TL;DR - that sucks, you may be able to take legal action, hello zora's friend, why gods why are you there?

    one more thing! how does this 'treatment' supposedly help you?
    /I'd be glad to give you the full details and possibly an angry rant if you want./
    please do, i'd love to hear it
    That's terrible, especially considering how ADHD is an actual ailment or even /real/. It's more like "AHH! HELP! these people are not like everyone else, let's dope e'm up!" (I'm fairly sure of this, after having been diagnosed with it then put on medications then finally convincing people to take me off of them and finally feeling /normal/ again after getting off them...of look i'm rambling also read this) in any case yeah. this is just another example of one of the major flaws of mass schooling, the 'they're different let's make them normal with /oppression/"

    (dammit make me stop rambling)

    In any case, sympathy for your situation, I'm sure it sucks, please develop a healthy disdain for schooling in general if you haven't already~

    the actual content: that sucks, sorry :[
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