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  • Well its UU and below so yes, NU can be used. Unfortunately, my DS isn't working right now and I don't know when I can get a new one.
    Oy, I'll try it later.
    I know, I know, I'm procrastinating. But I have a lot on my mind and I'm tired to boot so fixing wifi connections isn't on my list of priorities right now.
    Tried it.
    And for some reason it's only refusing to work with my DS. My computer (which also gets its conection through WiFi) is fine.
    Sorry. I can battle any time now. I'll fix my move set tomorrow.

    It looks good, thanks. Only problem would be that I can't dig up Heart Scales till I get my touch screen fixed, but I have a fuckton in Emerald so I'll just use that.
    OK, now's good. I don't have anything to do except dick around with Flash anyway. >>

    Hera (Gardevoir) Lv. 100
    Shock Wave
    Focus Blast (for Dark-types)
    Dream Eater (for Rest-users)

    Rhythm (Infernape) Lv. 93
    Close Combat
    Strength (which needs to be changed)

    Mikau (Vaporeon) Lv. 73 and next on my list to train
    Ice Beam
    Hydro Pump
    Body Slam

    Cyndra (Typhlosion) Lv. 76

    Those are my regulars. The others are just ones that fill up places, and I need to transfer my other Pokemon from Pearl and train them before I come up with a set team.
    ...No, I mean I was competing for getting a gym.
    I almost did, but Icalasari's a cheater and used EV-trained Pokemon. ><

    I'd rather get private help. People would rip apart at my team in Competitive battling, since I don't normally do any of that stuff and they're not up to the general forum's snuff. >>
    Crystal league is the non-competitive one (remember, I suck at math so no EV's and IV's for me!)
    I used my usual team, but with a different moveset.
    All I really need is a kickass moveset and I'd be good to go. >>
    I really need to think right now...
    Something happened with my best friend, and I think I might've done something to trigger it...
    I can't find that Terrapotta sprite you made me. Can you find it? And If so, can I put it in my Marah Region thread? I'm credit you right next to the sprite.
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