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  • But I like Aerodactyl................... except I think if I switch them around and then just put Aerodactyl in the wild because I'm having wild dinos anyway.
    Well your sprites that I have seen are great. The frozen skeleton is a nice idea and I'll put it in if I can and I can't wait to see the archeopteryx. Sure I'll join this thing.
    I'm actually horrible at RPs. I can never stick with them. I always leave withing a couple of days. But I could sigh up if you want me to...
    First of all, I want you to know that I am not in any way rushing you. I'm just curious to know how long a supershade takes. An hour? A week? Somewhere in between? You said not to expect it soon, but how not soon? A month? a minute?
    Sure, you're scratch sprite is amazing, (awesomeness rains down upon you) you can be a Dark Elite Four.
    Well, it might be because there are so many different colors. And the horn isn't attched in the front. I dunno, it looks fine to me!
    No, I don't have my first sprite. My computer crashed back then. It wasn't anything special, though. It was just an R/S Ralts recolored grey. I don't remember much about back then, except that I had a huge banner with all my sprites.

    I didn't go to Pokemon Crater for the forums. I learned about spriting at Serebii.net's forums. I think I started as soon as I found out.

    So, where's it's head? I can't find it.
    Qill you pretty pretty please with a cherry and money and a
    What I meant was that you started when after the 4th generation came out, instead of the 3rd generation, which was when I started. That wasn't supposed to be an insult to you, just a surprise.

    By the way, what is that even supposed to be?
    You can do whatever you want with it. I just really want to see some Terrapotta stuff. It's my favorite Pokemon that I made up.
    I posted a picture of Florant in my thread. Do you think you could scratch it? Or maybe Terrapotta. Those are the two I really want to see sprited.
    Hey...been a while and my internets off on friends computer..they all grew up and im sorry about your skywing...
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