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  • OMG light is in ur avatr *glomps light*

    i luvre light <3

    (Sorry, couldn't resist. Light is my favorite character in Death Note :3)
    On my channel, it was replaced with Martha Speaks in the afternoon, but it's apparently still going strong.
    Martha Speaks sucks though.

    I was thinking it was strange that I kept getting those mails, sorry about yelling at you D:
    Pokemon crater shut down a few years ago. But, it's where I first learned to sprite.

    In fact, I'm still friends with AJ and MetalcyndaquilX(Arjun to me)!
    ...A centipede. You're the first not to see that.

    And sorry, I thought you though I had just begun spriting. That would explain the buneary comment... No hard feelings.

    I actually started spriting just as it was coming out. When I first saw AJ and MetalcyndaquilX spriting on the Pokemon Crater forums(which, if you have been around as long as you say you have, should know about), there wasn't a 4th generation. I watched them for about 4 months, thinking that I could never do that, then decided to look up tutorials. And, I made my first sprite! Easily, too!

    Here, I think this was my first one-
    @the picture comment- I'm not new at spriting, I just felt like putting up all my 2-3 year old sprites for old times sake and to prove that not all newbs are noobs. If you get what I'm saying.

    No, this is my level of spriting

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