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[11] bulbasaur vs Denryu (ref: Byrus)

bulbasaur (XOO)
[Bismuth] riolu (F) <Inner focus> expert-belt
Health: 12%
Energy: 24%
Status: Tired and wary. Has seven double team clones.

In reserve:
[Ampharos is awesome] larvitar (F) <Guts> @Lucky egg
Health: 30%
Energy: 21%
Status: Severely poisoned

Denryu (XXO)
[Hohner] chingling (M) <Levitate> @Soothe bell
Health: 43%
Energy: 16%
Status: Shaken and frustrated.

Round nine

While Bismuth watches and waits, Hohner turns his gaze on each of the Riolus in turn, looking for the tell-tale shadow. He spots it behind the last one in the line, and barely manages to disguise his glee. He’s got the perfect opportunity to turn things back to his favour, now he just has to make eye contact with the damn thing. He slowly floats towards the weary looking set of Riolus, trying to keep his expression as neutral as possible so Bismuth doesn’t realise he’s got her sussed out. The tired and edgy Bismuth lets out a low, threatening growl as Hohner closes in, causing him to falter a little, but a few harsh warnings from his trainer are enough to prompt him onwards again. He certainly has no intentions of ending up in that shady black market.

Hohner drifts as close as he dares, and locks eyes with the Riolu in the dead center of the group. Bismuth’s growling grows louder and more agitated as Hohner’s beady eyes take on an eerie red glow, and she struggles to tear her gaze away. Hohner desperately struggles to keep her attention, and the hypnotic waves intensify as he gives it everything he’s got. Bismuth twists about awkwardly as she tries to avert her eyes, but she finds herself being irresistibly drawn towards that fascinating red glow, and her eyelids are starting to feel heavy...

Hohner gives a sigh of relief as Bismuth falls onto the icy ground with a loud snore, her clones vanishing. The spell of good luck is enough to return Hohner to his cheery demeanor, and he gives a wide smile as his eyes light up once again, this time with a bright pink glow. A frown appears on the sleeping Bismuth's face as Hohner begins to invade her mind, and she tosses and turns on the cold floor, letting out a small whimper. Hohner readily converts her dream into nourishing energy for himself, and bounces about happily as he feels renewed strength flooding through him. His actions take a toll on Bismuth however, and her formerly pleasant dreams soon begin to twist and distort, becoming surreal and nightmarish. Bismuth gives a small cry and writhes about again, shuddering and flailing helplessly. Her movements are noticeably weaker however, and Hohner can feel victory drawing near.

His grin growing wider, Hohner repeats the process, recklessly tearing about Bismuth's dreams and greedily savouring the energy boost they bring. He's somewhat disappointed however, when Bismuth suddenly jolts awake with a loud, terrified cry, her eyes wide and her fur on end. She teeters alarmingly for a few moments, her eyes frightened and unfocused, then falls down again, clearly out for the count. Hohner gives a happy jingle of his bells, though he can't help but wish he could have savoured that last dream a little better. Whatever that Riolu was dreaming about, it sure tasted good!

End of round nine

bulbasaur (XXO)
[Bismuth] riolu (F) <Inner focus> expert-belt
Health: 12%
Energy: 0%
Status: Knocked out!

In reserve:
[Ampharos is awesome] larvitar (F) <Guts> @Lucky egg
Health: 25%
Energy: 16%
Status: Severely poisoned

Denryu (XXO)
[Hohner] chingling (M) <Levitate> @Soothe bell
Health: 38%
Energy: 11%
Status: Still tired, but happy.

Battle notes

- Denryu attacks first.​
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I had Hohner having a bit more energy at the end of the round. I probably miscalculated, but could I see the calculations for the Dream Eaters?
1st dream eater = 18% energy damage to Bismuth (9% energy recovery for Hohner)

2nd dream eater = Bismuth only had 6% health left, so Hohner only recovered 3% energy.

Hohner used 5% energy on each dream eater, and the cold added another 5% energy (and health) loss.

16 + 9 (DE recovery) + 3 (DE recovery) - 10 (DE usage x2) - 5 (cold) = 13

Just realised that I forgot to take away 2% energy for the hypnosis, so that leaves him with 11%. Hopefully everything should be correct now.
((Forgot that Dream Eater would actually use energy as well in my calculations, sorry about that))

Start with a Chill. Then Grass Knot. Finish with Protect. If you're taunted, Grass Knot, and if you're tormented as well, Psychic.

Chill ~ Grass Knot ~ Protect/Grass Knot/Psychic

No matter what happens, this has been fun.
Well, I've been delaying this long enough. Don't know how well this will work, but here goes.

Payback~Payback~Good game

EDIT: Battle ending in a draw as requested. Bromine and Romero Diazi get 1 EXP, Caber and Ampharos is Awesome get 2 EXP, and Bismuth and Hohner get 2 EXP and 2 happiness.

bulbasaur and Ampharos both get $10. Byrus gets $8.
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