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allitersonance vs. Coloursfall


Take me to Wonderland
Originally Posted by allitersonance View Post
For Coloursfall, except actually canon.

Format: 2v2 doubles
DQ: Two weeks
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, direct healing, perish song, attract

Arena Description: Nux Walpurgis

High over Mitakihara, a city full of modern architecture and glass-covered skyscrapers alongside peaceful rivers and grassy hills, comes the night of Walpurgis, a powerful witch as destructive as a storm or natural disaster. She laughs as she spins helplessly in circles and brings nothing but destruction in her wake.

Perhaps two trainers with armies of pokemon at their disposal would have been enough to stop her. Perhaps, if they hadn't set their eyes upon her and seen a different sort of opportunity. Instead, they allow her to tear buildings apart and spew fire at the young girls who futilely struggle to stand against her, all of that just serving as the background to their own battle.

The battle takes place on top of the upside-down witch that is slowly flying over Mitakihara. Fortunately, the massive witch provides a wide stage in the form of several gears at her base. The largest gear has a roughly 50 m diameter. In the middle, there is another 20 m gear forming a raised platform, and in the middle of that is a small 10 m gear, just large enough for all pokemon to be sent out on. The gears slowly rotate in the opposite direction of the gear just above/below it, though not quickly enough to be a hindrance to most pokemon.

A strange power distorts time and space around Walpurgisnacht so that pokemon can't leave the arena. However, it means that no one can fall off, either. For moves requiring natural resources, if they are available from elsewhere in the city, this power will also draw rocks/water/etc into the arena so that the moves can remain successful.

[size=+2]allitersonance vs Coloursfall[/size]

allitersonance's active squad

porygon Potato lacrimosa the genderless Porygon <Trace> @ Up-Grade
cyndaquil Backfire the male Cyndaquil <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg
togetic Quicksilver the female Togetic <Serene Grace> @ Shiny Stone
zweilous Daenerys the female Zweilous <Hustle> @ Exp. Share
zorua Needle the female Zorua <Illusion> @ Lucky Egg
clefairy Draco Meteor the male Clefairy <Magic Guard> @ Moon Stone
eelektrik Combustible Lemon the male Eelektrik <Levitate> @ Thunder Stone
growlithe Legendary the male Growlithe <Flash Fire> @ Fire Stone
ralts Ryouko the female Ralts <Synchronize> @ Reaper Cloth
honedge Corpse Warblade the female Honedge <No Guard> @ Lucky Egg

Coloursfall's active squad

eevee Fulgora the female Eevee <Adaptability> @ Thunder Stone
togekiss L'Arc-en-Ciel the male Togekiss <Serene Grace> @ Electirizer
sableye Stitch the female Sableye <Keen Eye>
pichu Haikili the female Pichu <Static> @ Amulet Coin
vanillite Sundae Swirl the female Vanillite <Ice Body>
hoppip Elion the male Hoppip <Leaf Guard> @ Jaboca Berry
frillish Charles the male Frillish <Cursed Body>
fennekin Macbeth the male Fennekin <Magician>
goomy Baymax the male Goomy <Sap Sipper> @ Leftovers
honedge Shouldra the female Honedge <No Guard> @ Lucky Egg

Colours Sends out
allitersonance Sends out and Attacks
Colours Attacks
Shouldra and Baymax, you're up!

someone draw an goomy wielding a honedge i'm too lazy to do so
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Draco Meteor and Legendary, let's go.

Legendary first. Fire blast at Shouldra, unless it's blocked or it's raining or you've already hit twice, in which case dragonbreath at Baymax. If you're targeting Baymax but it's blocked, set up a 15% substitute as long as you don't already have one. Subs aren't blocks, anything else that prevents you from landing your move successfully is.

Fire Blast @Shouldra / Dragonbreath @Baymax / Substitutex3

Draco, safeguard until it works.

If it's raining by the time it's your turn to do an action, sunny day. Otherwise, let's start off your career as a dragonslayer with a moonblast at Baymax. If you're blocked from attacking Baymax, though, go ahead and throw up a sunny day if it's not already sunny.

Safeguard ~ Safeguard / Sunny Day / Moonblast @Baymax ~ Safeguard / Sunny Day / Moonblast @Baymax
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Shouldra, lead in with an Autotomize to bring you up to speed. Then, focus on Draco Meteor with a few Iron Heads.

Baymax, start with a Confide on Legendary to soften the blows a little, then slap him around with Water Pulse a little.

Shouldra: Autotomize ~ Iron Head @ Draco Meteor x2
Baymax: Confide @ Legendary / Water Pulse @ Legendary x2
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