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Attacks and Abilities Guide

Toxic Poison is, in fact, an extreme stage of Poison.
Wrong, but they're non-overlapping anyway.

Would you be able to raise the severity level of Poison to a Toxic state without using Toxic? (Through repeated uses of moves such as Poison Jab, for example)

If a Pokemon is Taunted multiple times in a row, can it be extended? And could a shelled Pokemon hide in its shell (via Withdraw) to avoid sound-based moves?

Also, can a Pokemon cover its ears and attack at the same time, and can they use Rest or Chill while doing so, and can they do it all in one action, not as a combo? Can a sleeping Pokemon be taunted?

(wow look at all those questions)
If a pokémon is taunted multiple times in a row (Taunt ~ Taunt ~ something else), the duration of taunt's effects will be greater, but you get diminishing returns for each added taunt.

A pokémon can cover its ears and use any attacks that don't require the appendages doing the covering in a single action. A sleeping pokémon cannot be taunted.
So I recall that a flying Pokemon can stay on the ground to remove its flying typing, but it wouldn't really be using Roost, per se. Would getting rid of the flying typing take an action?
Noooo, if I said that, I was making crap up. You can't remove your flying type by just going to sit somewhere.
... what, really? So what you said in this post doesn't apply? Just making sure because double weaknesses to electricity sucks majorly.

Edit: Also out of curiosity, how do you handle how many clones a Pokemon produces through Double Team?
Yup. Strike it from the record.

I take 60 to be average-ish speed, which will give you up four clones. You get another clone for roughly every 20 base speed you have more than that, and lose one for every 20 less.
... so if I skill swapped unburden onto a +6 ninjask with a choice scarf under the effect of tailwind, could I then instantly waste over half my energy?
... so if I skill swapped unburden onto a +6 ninjask with a choice scarf under the effect of tailwind, could I then instantly waste over half my energy?
actually, unburden and choice scarf at the same time would be silly, but.

ninjask has base speed 160; choice scarf increases base speed to 1.5×, 240; +6 increases speed 120 (if 20 per plus) to 360; tailwind doubles to 720. by above approximation, that's 37 clones, which, at 1% per clone, is actually not half but still pretty big!

(I mean, I suppose this is one of those cases which would make it a rough approximation, but numbers are fun.)
And if you got rid of the choice scarf and had unburden, you'd have 160 x 2 = 320; + 6 * 20 = 440; x 2 = 880, which would be 45 clones.
Can Future Sight be reactively Protected against? Would 'if Future Sight is going to hit you this action, Protect' work?
Future sight actually hits between actions (the same time that damage from hail, leech seed, and the like happen), so there's no way for you to have a protect up against it. Same goes for doom desire.
Yup. Strike it from the record.
In this case, I suppose I'll muse the question again: is it possible to Roost without healing, only to clear the Flying type? And if so, is it possible to do it in a battle where direct healing is banned?
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