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Attacks and Abilities Guide

Can dragon rage be manipulated to take the form of and look like a dragon similar to what Axew did near the end of "The Dragon Master's Path"?
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Negrek, MF suggested I direct this towards you, so:

For Secret Sword, would I be able to create two swords (one for each hand)? Even if they're half the size as one single one, that would be okay.

Edit: Also I sent you a PM about some hack questions, not sure if you got it. /doesnottrusttheforums So many errors...
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Usually when one tells a pokémon to sketch, you would specify--"sketch metronome" or "sketch whatever metronome calls." But if the command was just "sketch," it would pick whatever metronome called, so in this case, splash.

Magic room--no.
I swear this was asked before, but searches yielded nothing, so... If a Pokemon has a Substitute and uses a Protect, will the Substitute be Protected as well?
No, but the substitute will not attempt to block the attack. If the enemy was told to go after the substitute specifically, it will still be able to do so; otherwise, the substitute will just let the attack pass, and it will hit the protect.
is there a reason target: multiple moves have base power reduced, rather than damage?

well, I guess it simplified calculations, but does have certain rather unfortunate effects when we have both additive and multiplicative modifiers.
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