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Blaziken or Infernape?

I personally like Blaziken more. Though I keep movesets and such in mind, I go more for design.
Infernape, no queston. In my ruby game I always started with Mudkip so I couldn't form an attachment to Blaziken. In fact, Chimchar (now Infernape) was my first fire type starter.
He looks cooler too. ^.^
Blaziken. So much cooler, and even though I had a hard time in Ruby during the Psychic gym I still loved him.

Plus, Infernape is a monkey. I hate monkeys. And even with the high speed thing... Blaziken wins.

Blaziken is SO HARD to capture in Ranger though... darn thing almost broke my Styler.
Blaziken. Everything about it is awesome. Its a giant flaming chicken-warrior with kick-ass martial arts skills!
Both are pretty badass. Blaziken's a chicken and appeared alongside one of my absolute favorite Pokemon as a starter, while Infernape is an effing monkey... And it has decent capability in battle. Well, cept for Brave Bird, but I've never really explored Blaziken in D/P/Pt.
A proud minority as usual, Infernape.

Infernape has better stats and is capable of flying coverage as well with Acrobatics among its vaster and more diverse move pool which also includes Earthquake, Grass Knot, Poison Jab, Punishment, Shadow Claw, and Rock Slide alongside the elemental punches, which is better than Brave Bird because it is massive without a held item and doesn't have recoil damage. I'm not a fan of recoil moves as I am not a huge risk-taker.

It also learns the priority move Mach Punch while Blaziken does not and has Iron Fist as its hidden ability which is kind of an OP combination and Taunt which combined with its speed can be useful for blocking hazard set-ups.

It also has the better stats and to me the more appealing design although I do agree that a chicken is more unique than a monkey. Blaziken's 60's hippie-ish look is just meh to me.
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