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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn hạt liếc mắt nhìn về phía cách ông ta không xa lắm, nhìn thấy cái gã Sư Đoàn trưởng Trung tướng mặt đeo một cặp kính râm lạnh lùng ngồi đó, biểu tình tựa hồ như không có bất cứ cảm xúc biến hóa nào cả, nhịn không được khóe môi khẽ nhếch lên một chút, biến thành một nụ cười hơi chút trào phúng. Sau đó ông ta liền lập tức tập trung tinh thần lại, dùng một loại tố chất tâm lý của một vị Tướng lãnh Liên Bang vĩ đại vốn dĩ cần phải có, một phen đem lực tập trung quẳng ném lên trên cái bản đồ Tinh hệ ba chiều to lớn phía chính giữa gian phòng họp rộng lớn đằng kia.

    Một cái kế hoạch tác
    Water Quality is a lot like Ecology, but more centered in water, from what I've heard. Stuff about estuaries.

    Also I'm really happy and excited because I found a pocket guide for rocks and minerals in a goodwill yesterday. Seems like an omen or something.
    So, about S.O.- Did you ear about all the events that are supposedly changing next year? Fossils is being replaced with Rocks and Minerals, Ecology with Water Quality (I think), Mousetrap with Wheeled Vehicle and Mission Possible is being sitched out. I also heard C Division was getting an event called Keep The Heat, but I have no idea about that. (let it be said that I've just heard rumors, I know nothing for sure.)
    I don't play VDex, but I'm thinking of making an account just for the hell of it.
    We had an RC cop car with a metal plate in front. we lost the plate at regionals, so we had just the car at state. at regionals, we played the siren before we went to sumo. worse, we actually won the first round. :D
    Thanks!! it was really funny how the awards went. We were afraid of three teams, walporaiso, bloomington south, and bloomington north. Yhey started at 5th, and called valpo. we were all internally fist pumping then they called Bloomington north for rourth. we were really happy now. third they called a different school. we were so happy we stood up and clapped for them. Then, they called bloomington south for second place. we went silent, we thought somehow we'd screwed up and gotten sixth. and then, they called our name for first. we basically exploded. it was unreal. Don't worry, if you guys try your best, you never know what could happen. good luck!
    Ah. Well, I'm like all the way across. So if you said a bit to the east, then we may be about...4:30 hrs. Cool! And someone else is in Philly (or Fillydelphia) XD
    I know, I figured it out and got the black one x3 I want the white one so I can go get zekrom D:
    Her. Flandre Scarlet is a little girl with an appetite for chaos. Crobat!Flandre would be kinda wrong.

    Do you mean GTS+, the forum/site that GPX+ is a part of? XD
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