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Blaziken or Infernape?


Probably shouldn't be here.
Right, the starter question.

I choose Blaziken. While Infernape has better defensives and Speed, the difference in offensives and HP is massive. Plus it learns Brave Bird which gives it more type coverage.

Plus a chicken is much more original than a monkey.
I'll go for Blaziken. Infernape has always seemed... I can't really find the word. I've never really liked the design too much, and although it has wiped out my team once, I just seem to dislike it.

Plus, Blaziken wears flared jeans and a waistcoat. :D
Not a huge fan of Fire-types overall, but between these two I'd have to go with Blaziken. I generally like the "strong but slow" types of Pokémon better than the "speed speed speed"-ish ones, and plus, it's a GIANT CHICKEN.

Plus, Fire+Chicken=Fried Chicken... which lends itself to funny nicknames. Mine from the last time I played through Ruby was named "Sanders." Something like "SpicyChikn" or "KFC" or even "BufaloWing" would also work.
Blaziken. It is not that I hate Infernape's design or the pokemon itself, I just like the flamin' chicken better. Infernape just doesn't appeal to me, I guess.
grass knot has better type coverage than brave bird
i'm pretty sure that earthquake from infernape could beat a blaziken too, but i'm not 100% sure of that
also i never liked blaziken to begin with (combusken ftw)
Blaziken is better, and I feel like Ninty only made Infernape because they realised that Blaziken was popular.

Besides, it looks better.
hmm, well Infernape has a wider movepool and better stats, but Blaziken looks the part and is overall cooler

I'm afraid I'll have to go with everyones favourite flaming chicken, Blaziken
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