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CB: Follow RT.

CB, and therefore, JL, following him, leave the house.

This is not the neighborhood you usually live in.

You are now this gal.


Enter name.

Your name is CHARI EDWARD. You changed your name from CHARLOTTE because it WASN'T FANCY ENOUGH. You quite enjoy COLLECTIONS of VARIOUS OBJECTS, and tend to have a HUMOROUS SIDE. Your basic form of self-defense and the like regards flails, nunchaku, yo-yos, bolas- basically any weapon with some sort of rope or chain in it.

There are some rocks on the floor, in a LOOSE PILE. Your HILARIOUS FLAIL which belonged to a CLOWN is on the wall. Your PENGUIN SNO CONE MACHINE has a pile of shaved ice in front of it, and you have a TALL BOTTLE in the corner.​
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CE: Do a bunch of stuff the author doesn't want to type out


Yeah, you have appliances. For washing clothes, dishes, making food, making smoothies, etc. Don't seem all that notable.

Ah... the TALL BOTTLE you use for your SNO CONE SYRUP. It's that tall to prevent all the flavor from escaping.

You waltz over and look at your PENGUIN SNO-CONE MACHINE. It's got quite a pile of shaved ice in front of it.

You'd give it a hug, but you're pretty sure that'd just make it flip the fuck out and spray ice all over the place again. It's really touchy.

CE: Get wallet and head to grocery store.

You already have your wallet EQUIPPED!

You step outside. There were some weird creature things in your house but you gave them some sno-cones and they got pretty distracted. And then you killed them with your NUNCHAKU.

Huh. Guess the city must be doing construction.

You see two of the eggheads you live next to jabbering over there. Wonder what they're talking about.

JL: What the hell happened?

RT: I don't know. But I do know that there used to be quite a large suburban area, and then a city, and then a lake here. And none of them are here now.

JL: I'm betting that has something to do with all the monsters.

JL, RT, CE: ==>

CE: 'Sup, guys? How about all these changes, huh? Guess they're doing some serious construction work.

JL: I'm gonna let that moment of ineptitude slide and ask how the hell you got here without even making a LUMP WEAPON.

RT: Yes, how did you manage that? JL struggled for a while, and he had a weapon with elemental qualities. Despite the questionable quality...

CE: Well, I just clobbered 'em while they were distracted. Have... have you guys been keeping your beef stats high? It's, like, always the most important one.

RT: No. Just... no. I refuse to believe you killed every monster around just with a pair of nunchucks.

CE: Why? Because I'm a girl?

JL: No, mostly because one's right behind you.

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RNP: Author's note.

RNP: Hey. Come in, take a seat on the ground. You want some chips? I have some in the pantry. No? How bout a soda? No? Okay.

RNP: So, as you've probably noticed by the questionable quality of this drawing, this mouse-drawn comic has turned swiftly into a trackpad-drawn comic due to the untimely death of my computer mouse.

RNP: I do not want this to be a trackpad-drawn comic.

RNP: In addition, I don't have the best connection. I'm running on a cell phone hotspot at best, currently. We're talking some real bottom-of-the-barrel shit here.

RNP: So, this comic is gonna take a sorta-hiatus. I'm trying my damndest to get back up and running, but I'm in an entirely different state than where all my cash is.

RNP: So, yeah. I'll be back as soon as I can be. In the meantime, why not go and check out qva's Journeyquest? It's the same format but better-drawn.

RNP: See ya. I gotta manage this shit over here. Working hard on getting back into the swing, okay? Also, when I do return, count on updates being more consistent, and less taking-days-on-end.

RNP: Adios.
Trio: Okay, now FRACAS

Heh, not really. Reveal the final protag.

Your name is HANNA JANGAR. You hear some commotion going on outside, but you don't really feel like leaving your LAB. You like to keep it neat and enjoy doing LUMP EXPERIMENTS with your LUMPFRUIT PLANT and LUMP ALCHEMIZER. You have a LARGE UNKNOWN MACHINE which is currently SWITCHED OFF. You can't quite remember why; you just woke up from being blasted with an awry LUMP EXPERIMENT, which, kinda disappeared? Huh.