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Clue Game Hints

It's not to do with it being a Gen II Pokémon. The list of Pokémon named in the clue is a very particular list; try to figure out what those Pokémon have in common.

You may also want to keep in mind that when these clues were made the newest generation was Gen IV.
It's not about weaknesses/resistances! Consider the title of the clue as well.
I think this is a silly question to be stuck on, but I'm completely blanking on #12. Here is the prompt and hint. (I think it may be a CoD reference, but it also might just be general Pokemon knowledge.)

clue 12: spooky...
Looks like I'm leaving you in the dark for now.

[Hint] Let there be light!
Never mind, I figured it out. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Unrelatedly, this is such a fun activity, looking around in the most obscure pockets of the Internet for answers.
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Ok, I'm stumped yet again; Clue 15. I have no idea how to go about solving this.
Is it a CoD site reference?

Oh, here's the full clue by the way.

clue 15: no clue for you!
Your behaviour needs to be good if you want a clue.
This is a two-part answer - see the About page if you've forgotten how they work.
So far, the only thing I've looked at is versions where Tyranitar can't be obtained without transferring it from another game, but that hasn't gotten me anywhere.
So I've noticed that none of the listed Pokemon can be obtained in-game in Pearl, but I'm not sure what to do with that info.
Alright, I'm still extremely stuck on #9. I'm probably missing something in plain sight, but I don't see anything. I've tried the pokemon that can be obtained the games that Tyranitar can't, but no luck
A couple things. 1. If you still need help @TL The Legend , think of the opposite of your December 9th find. Now I'm stuck at 23 (thanks to the rest of the people here for helping me get here) and I just have no idea. Any hints/ something? I can try and help on later ones too I'm really into this now
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