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Coroxn vs RespectTheBlade


Strange days ahead
4v4 Double
Style: Set
DQ: 9 days
Damage Cap: 50%
Banned Moves: OHKOs, Direct Healing moves.
Arena: Hyrule Field

Hyrule Field serves as the main connector for the many provinces of Hyrule. Those on horseback can reach their destenation in about a day's time. Those walking, perhaps two. There are a series of dirt roadways that wind throughout the field, but most prefer to just go toward wherever they are inclined to go. Death Mountain is visible from most viewpoints, as are the towering spires of Hyrule Castle.

The battle itself takes place on a stretch of field right next to a portion of Zora's River that runs into Castle Town. Water-types can use the flowing water to exist in, but it costs extra energy to remain in place because of the fast current. There is ample water for Surf and the like. The grass that covers the field is lush like a plain, and the soil is soft enough to disrupt.

Every four rounds, the sun sets. Night lasts for four rounds, and then the sun rises. Each round during the night, there is a 5% chance that a skeleton will pop out of the ground and attack a battler, disrupting a random action by causing the victim to flinch and dealing 5% typless damage. Sunny Day can be used to end night early and start the day. Any move requiring the sun to work will not work at night.

Other: Yeah, Skyward Sword's had me zelda-obsessed the past few days.

Coroxn's Active Squad:

Paris the Male Piplup
Ability: Torrent
Body Modification: Royal Blood

Scylla the Male Cloyster
Ability: Shell Armor
Move Modification: Six-Pronged Strike

Stymphalian the Male Starly
Ability: Keen Eye

Delphi the Male Abra
Ability: Inner Focus

Medusa Of The Seas the Male Frillish
Ability: Cursed Body

Charybdis the Female Shellos
Ability: Sticky Hold

Bessae the Male Ralts
Ability: Trace

Stuxnet the Unknown Porygon
Ability: Download
Body Modification: Zero Day

Prometheus the Male Magby
Ability: Flame Body

RespectTheBlade's active squad:

Iroh the Male Dratini
Ability: Shed Skin
Item: Draco Plate

Seismos the Female Trapinch
Ability: Arena Trap

Paralyzer the Male Shroomish
Ability: Effect Spore

Azula the Female Vulpix
Ability: Flash Fire
Item: Fire Stone

The Hero in Green the Male Kirlia
Ability: Synchronize
Item: Dawn Stone
Body Modification: Lightweight Automail Arm

Byrne the Male Pawniard
Ability: Defiant

Inception the Female Zorua
Ability: Illusion

Toph the Female Mienfoo
Ability: Regenerator

Medusa the Female Druddigon
Ability: Sheer Force
Item: King's Rock

Ghirahim the Male Sneasel
Ability: Keen Eye
Item: Razor Claw

- Coroxn sends out
- RespectTheBlade sends out and attacks
- Coroxn attacks
Pokemon named after Zelda villain sendout time!

Let's go Byrne the Pawniard,

and Ghirahim the Sneasel. (Ghirahim has a sig. attribute, Ice Daggers. It was approved here, not sure if I can use it or not.)

Alright, let's do this.


Byrne, I want you to use Metal Sound at Bessae twice, and then hit Stuxnet with a Brick Break. Ghirahim, attack Bessae with two Dark Pulses, and then hit Stuxnet with a DynamicPunch. (fingers crossed)

If Safeguard is used, drop the status moves. Byrne, Brick Break, X-Scissor, and then Brick Break Stuxnet; Ghirahim, Dark Pulse, X-Scissor, and then Dark Pulse Bessae.

Not worried about protect at the moment. Torment however, I have a plan for. If tormented, Byrne, use Metal Sound, then Snarl, and then X-Scissor at Bessae; and Ghirahim, use Ice Punch, Brick Break, and then Crush Claw at Stuxnet.

Metal Sound @ Bessae/Brick Break @ Stuxnet ~ Metal Sound @ Bessae/X-Scissor @ Stuxnet/Snarl @ Bessae ~ Brick Break @ Stuxnet/X-Scissor @ Bessae

Dark Pulse @ Bessae/Ice Punch @ Stuxnet ~ Dark Pulse @ Bessae/Brick Break @ Stuxnet ~ DynamicPunch @ Stuxnet/Dark Pulse @ Bessae/Crush Claw @ Stuxnet

phew... that's the longest set of command strings I've posted for a while.
Bessae, use Swagger on Ghirahim, and throw in a Toxic as well. Finish with Thunderbolt.

Stuxnet, Thunder Wave Byrne and then Signal Beal Ghirahim twice.

Bessae:Swagger @Ghirahim~Toxic @Ghirahim~Thunderbolt @Ghirahim.
Stuxnet:Thunder Wave @ Byrne~Signal Beam @Ghirahim~Signal Beam @Ghirahim
RespectTheBlade [OOOO]
[Ghirahim] Sneasel (M) <Keen eye> razor-claw
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Raring for a good fight.

RespectTheBlade [OOOO]
[Byrne] Pawniard (M) <Defiant>
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Sharpening his blades.

Coroxn [OOOO]
[Bessae] ralts (M) <Trace: Keen eye>
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Wary.

Coroxn [OOOO]
[Stuxnet] porygon (X) <Download>
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Analyzing the current situation. + 1 attack

Round one

Ghirahim is the first to start things off; jumping nimbly forward and casting a devious sneer at Bessae as he approaches. Bessae gives a startled squeak at his sudden burst of speed, and backs away nervously as he sees the Sneasel seething with a pitch black aura of dark energy. Ghirahim gives a nasty grin as he summons up all the vilest thoughts he can muster, then gives a hissing snarl as he unleashes them in the form of a cold, black wave of energy. Bessae covers his face with his hands as the blackened aura engulfs him in its icy grip, searing his skin and leaving him his body peppered with raw cuts tinged with black.

Byrne steps up next, and he viciously grinds his blade together, creating a horrible screech that leaves Bessae cowering and covering his ears in pain. Byrne gives a small smirk as he watches Bessae writhe, and draws out the final, excruciating note with malicious glee.

Stuxnet emits a frantic beep as it surveys its shell-shocked partner, then swivels its joints around to face its foes. Retaliation is clearly in order. The Porygon’s circuits crackle as they begin to generate a weak current of electricity, and Stuxnet’s body begins to glow and fizzle with small sparks. With a loud beep, Stuxnet sends the pulse of electricity snaking towards Byrne, and the Pawniard freezes on the spot as he is caught in the grip of the thunder wave. The sparks hiss and crackle around his body, causing his metallic joints to seize up and leaving Byrne feeling stiff and sluggish.

Stuxnet gives a satisfied click as it watches Byrne struggling, then swivels back to check on its partner. The shaken Bessae is wincing and rubbing his aching head, but he doggedly marches onward, then stops within earshot of the sneering Ghirahim. Bessae forces himself to look the Sneasel in the eye, then nervously clears his throat and straightens himself up, trying to make himself look more confident than he feels. Ghirahim narrows his eyes and frowns as he sees Bessae’s sudden change in demeanour, then jumps in surprise as Bessae suddenly begins to laugh. You really think such a pitiful display as that could keep me down? Bessae says, trying to sound as smug as possible. This isn't even worth my time! Ghirahim bristles and grits his teeth, and his mood only worsens the more Bessae rambles on; loudly boasting about his own array of brilliant moves and strategies. Finally, Ghirahim has had enough, and he interrupts Bessae with a piercing screech of anger.

Bessae gulps as he sees the enraged Ghirahim leaping about and ranting, then hastily backs off, hoping he hasn’t made a big mistake. Ghirahim’s spines bristle as he bares his teeth at the boastful Ralts, and another seething shroud of dark energy flares up around him. He swiftly unleashes the vile aura in another cold, black wave, and Bessae gives a howl of pain as it washes over him. This one is far worse than the first, and it further irritates the blackened wounds on Bessae’s body, leaving him quivering badly.

Stuxnet gives a piercing beep at the glowering Sneasel, but Ghirahim takes no notice. He instead begins to approach Bessae, his claws bared and a nasty snarl on his face. Stuxnet hastily prepares to strike back, and its eyes light up as a multi-coloured orb of light swirls into life in front of its snout. Stuxnet nudges the orb forward, and it spills out into a brilliant ray of blues and reds, catching the angry Sneasel where he stands. Ghirahim gives a hiss of pain as the bug energy engulfs him, and he slaps his claws against his ears as he struggles to block out the horrible droning noise from the signal beam.

Bessae gives a small sigh of relief as he sees Ghirahim stagger back, but he knows it won’t last for long. He gingerly picks himself up, then cautiously edges closer to his foe, trying his best not to irritate his wounds. Once he’s within range, Bessae gives a sharp hacking cough as he begins to generate the nasty mass of toxins, then spits it out at Ghirahim in the form of a hissing glob of purple muck. The toxins land directly on Ghirahim’s chest, and give a nasty hiss as they steadily sink into his skin and into his bloodstream. Ghirahim gives a renewed howl of rage and scrapes madly at the mess in a vain attempt to remove it, but his arms gradually sag to his sides as a wave of nausea overcomes him.

Byrne meanwhile, is still frantically trying to regain control of his seized up limbs. He grumbles furiously to himself as he moves forward jerkily and awkwardly, until he finally manages to begin clashing his blades together for an encore, creating another awful racket that leaves Bessae cringing and cowering down again.

Ghirahim weaves unsteadily for a few moments, before he hastily shakes himself and irritably wipes at the slick layer of slime coated in his fur. It certainly does nothing to improve his foul mood, and Ghirahim is all too eager to unleash his pent up rage in one explosive display of violence. Too bad the Ralts isn’t his target this time, although he has no qualms about dishing out some hurt on that stupid, droning machine. Ghirahim draws up his fist, and an amber aura of fighting energy flares up around it. He slowly approaches Stuxnet, struggling to keep the volatile energy under control, then leaps forward with an angry cry. Stuxnet swivels around madly as it sees its foe, but Ghirahim completely overshoots his target, instead smashing his fist into the ground in a dazzling display of light.

Relieved at its near miss, Stuxnet gives a cheery beep, and its blank white eyes light up with an array of colours once again. The familiar orb of red and blue rapidly forms near its snout, and Stuxnet sends it zig-zagging towards Ghirahim, catching him in another buzzing ray of light. Ghirahim snarls in fury, then slashes uselessly at the light, determined to tear apart the source of the maddening sound.

As Ghirahim flails about in a rage, Bessae struggles to gather his wits. He’s had to endure a lot worse noise than Ghirahim, and it’s really taken its toll on him. The Ralts is a quivering wreck, and his movement is lop-sided and shaky. Nevertheless, he slowly holds up his stubby hands as he prepares to give Ghirahim a jolt, then sends a vicious bolt of electricity streaming his way. The abrupt jolt leaves Ghirahim flailing about madder than ever, though his fur is left somewhat singed.

Byrne is looking displeased at having being mostly forgotten, and he strains his aching limbs as he struggles to take his chance to go on the offense. He lurches towards Stuxnet then draws back his blades. Stuxnet barely has time to swivel round before Byrne unleashes a series of pummeling blows with his blades, catching the Porygon twice in the head and once in the chest. Stuxnet emits a garbled hiss of static as each strike lands, then quickly retreats backwards as soon as Byrne relents.

End of round one

RespectTheBlade [OOOO]
[Ghirahim] Sneasel (M) <Keen eye> razor-claw
Health: 74%
Energy: 85%
Status: Still seething with anger. + 2 attack | Confused (Moderate), Poisoned (Severe, 1% this round, 2% the next)
Moves used: Dark pulse @ Bessae x2 ~ Dynamic punch @ Stuxnet (missed)

RespectTheBlade [OOOO]
[Byrne] Pawniard (M) <Defiant>
Health: 100%
Energy: 91%
Status: A bit grumpy. Paralyzed (Severe)
Moves used: Metal sound @ Bessae x2 ~ Brick break @ Stuxnet

Coroxn [OOOO]
[Bessae] ralts (M) <Trace: Keen eye>
Health: 67%
Energy: 86%
Status: Already feeling worse for wear. - 4 special defense
Moves used: Swagger @Ghirahim ~ Toxic @Ghirahim ~ Thunderbolt @Ghirahim

Coroxn [OOOO]
[Stuxnet] porygon (X) <Download>
Health: 91%
Energy: 88%
Status: A bit rattled. + 1 attack
Moves used: Thunder wave @ Byrne ~ Signal beam at Ghirahim x2

Battle notes

- This feels kinda empty without an introduction, but I'm not in the mood for writing one right now, so later I guess. (I'm terrible at them anyway and boy is this long-winded)
- Three rounds 'till nightfall.
- Coroxn attacks first.​
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Stuxnet, Trick Room. I want you guys ahead in front! Bessae, Calm Mind. Then, Stuxnet use Zap Cannon twice on Girahim and Bessae use Thunderbolt twice on Girahim. If they use a move that prevents you from attacking, Stuxnet use Double Team twice instead, and Bessae use Calm Mind twice.

Stuxnet: Trick Room~Zap Cannon @ Girahim/Double Team~Zap Cannon @ Girahim/Double Team.

Bessae:Calm Mind~Thunderbolt @Girahim/Calm Mind~Thunderbolt @ Girahim/Calm Mind.
Let's try and bypass this trick room.

Ghirahim- Taunt @ Stuxnet ~ Torment @ Stuxnet ~ Snarl @ Bessae

Byrne- Swords Dance ~ Sucker Punch @ Bessae ~ Sucker Punch @ Bessae
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