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Creepiest Song?

How was I being rude? I should have not used roundabout ways of communication.

Sorry. What I meant when I said "can't you blah blah blah" was "can't a person in general blah blah", because I sort of thought that you might think I didn't like it if I found it creepy, or that you like it and didn't appreciate me posting it on this board for some reason. I just worded it wrong, that's all.

When you said, "Sorry for not spelling it out", that sounded like a rather snappy and rude remark. I apologize if I misunderstood you. Clearly I have a mild case of the retarded today. :grin:
if you just want to go by lyrics I'd say the murder and rape implied in Don't Say a Word, by Sonata Arctica, is pretty dark along with the pathos of the speaker.
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