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Daily Pokemon Discussions

It looks like it's made of stone. I had to see it in the anime to find out that the brown parts are soft.

Are the starfish the only Pokémon that are genderless because of actually being hermaphrodites?

well the weird thing about starfish is that it actually kinda depends on the species; starfish are variously hermaphroditic or dioecious, and some reproduce asexually. I guess game freak just kinda went 'starfish are weird, let's just make them genderless'.

gonna go ahead and make the new pokemon Seviper because Seviper is a cutie and apparently it hasn't been used yet.

awww look at its little face
only thing I've never gotten about Seviper is that it's consistently depicted as being bunched up like a caterpillar... when it's a snake. I guess it's to give it some variance from Arbok and stuff but like. I get that it has bumpy things on its underside so it can grip the ground or whatever (???) but it's still silly!
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Seviper's pretty cool. I'm nit sure whather ai like it or Zangoose more though. I like both quite a bit.

I find it interesting that even though they're mortal enemies, they can somehow mate.
Personally, I like Zangoose more. Seviper seems more like a generic snake to me, although it has a decent movepool.
I find it interesting that even though they're mortal enemies, they can somehow mate.

This reminds me of Homestuck for some reason.
But still... What's with all those snakes being compatible with mammals? They're obviously reptiles!

Its tail and fangs are red so it always looks like it's just been in a fight.
Ehh... Why does it have an armadillo-based name? And why is it part dinosaur?

I think the main reason why the Hoenn fossils aren't part Water is that there had already been a Water-type fossil duo. Bug was just the best alternative.

Looks kind of cool, but I just tend to choose defensive fossils.
Its pretty cool, I like it the same as Cradily, but they're both just alright. I prefer Aerodayctl and Kabutops.
Another day, another Pokémon...
RNG says 231, so...

It's Phanpy.

So it was originally in Gold? But the color corresponds more with Silver.

Apparently, it doesn't realize how strong it is.

And... it doesn't learn any Ground-type moves.
Eh. Its looks alrigt, but I've never used one so I don't know how it'd hold up in battle or anything.
phanpy is cute and cool!! and it gets even cooler when it levels up, although i guess it's less cute. :( i never had one though, i had silver as a kid!
Oh, me again?

74? That's Geodude, right?

It's a rock with fake muscles and eyebrows.

My memories of it mostly involve the double weakness to Grass. Like Graveler, but weaker. Back when Sturdy only protected against OHKO-only moves...

And the way the footprint man formulates its thoughts... I know it's supposed to sound cute, but to me, it seems more like a strong dinosaur alien trying to speak english without grasping the finer asspects. It makes so much more sense for Geodude than it does for Jynx.
I remember Geodude fondly, mainly because he was on my first ever team. And Sturdy is much better in gen 5.
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