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Derpy vs. Crazy Linoone


I am the man who arranges the blocks.
4Vs4 Double battle
DQ: 7 days
Damage cap: 30%
Banned moves: OHKOs, weather, only 1 healing per pokemon and 5 chills per pokemon.

Arena: A giant Muffin.

Derpy loves her muffins, she is well known for baking the bland goods. But when she turned up to Equestria with her giant muffin one day, her fellow ponies were shocked and appalled. Derpy and her muffin were thrown out of Equestria, and ended up in Asberia.

Strangely enough, this giant muffin can be used as a battle arena. The muffin is about the size of a stadium, and can be eaten at to gain up to 10% health per eating action. But Derpy (the real one) does not appreciate the destruction of her beloved muffin, and will randomly attack (20% change each end of round, for about 10% typeless damage) after her muffin has been eaten at. Derpy also refuses to have weather moves used on her muffin, as sandstorm will get the muffin all gritty, rain will make it soggy, hail will make it too cold and sunny day will melt the chocolate chunks. To speed up the battle, chills and rests are restricted.
Derpy's active squad:
Emo the male Oshawott <Torrent>
Muffin the male Woobat <Unaware>
William the male Scraggy <Shed Skin>
Snap the female Sandile <Moxie>
Aries the male Cottonee <Prankster> @Sun Stone
Spectre the female Gastly <Levitate>

Crazy Linoone's active squad:
Riley the male Lucario <Inner Focus>
Death Cannon the Porygon2 <Download> @Dubious Disc (Body mod: Broadband High-Speed Internet Connection)
Heinkel the female Gabite <Sand Veil> @Expert Belt
Kwak'wala the female Xatu <Synchronize> @Lucky Egg
Death Canon the Porygon2 <Download> @Dubious Disc
Not a Creeper the male Lileep <Suction Cups> @Big Root (Body mod: But I Just Happened to Like Little Children! It's Not Suspicious at All!)
Ride the male Shroomish <Effect Spore> @Eviolite
Faraday the female Murkrow <Super Luck> @Dusk Stone
Blimp the male Wailmer <Oblivious> @Lucky Egg
male Drifloon <Unburden>

Crazy Linoone sends out first etc. etc.


Everyone call me elf monster.
Go, William and Spectre!

William, fake out on Gible. Then dragon dance if you are not taunted, or ice punch/thunder punch if taunted (according to who is protected, make gible priority though). Then finish with snarl.

Fake out~Dragon dance/Ice punch (Heinkel)/Thunderpunch (Blimp)~Snarl/Ice punch (Heinkel)

Spectre, use toxic on Blimp, then venoshock. Then lift Heinkel in the air with a telekinesis. We don't want any rampaging dragons getting in the way. If taunted at any time, replace moves with sludge bomb if Blimp is not poisoned, and venoshock if he is.

Toxic (Blimp)/Sludgebomb (Blimp)~Venoshock (Blimp)/Sludgebomb (Blimp)~Telekinesis (Heinkel)

Crazy Linoone

broke ASB
Well, Fake Out is annoying and we can't really prevent that. Heinkel, you are faster than that Gastly though, so Dig (down) as fast as you can during the second action before Telekinesis hits. After that, Substitute because, why not.

~loophole~ Dig Down is not Protect, so the Scraggy should be going around punching the muffin or something.

Heinkel: nothing ~ Dig (down) ~ Substitute (15%)

Annnd Blimp! Use Splash x3. Sadly for us, Toxic is going to be unavoidable due to your slow speed, but you can Bounce (up) because 30% paralysis chance is cool and so are flying whales. Derpy will probably get annoyed at her muffin getting poisoned, but that won't be our fault. Just stay in the air while Venoshock misses and come crashing down on your second action on top of the Scraggy. If you can bounce up high enough to stay in the air for two actions, Bounce (down) on the Scraggy on the third action instead. Finish off with an Icy Wind -- try to aim at the Gastly if your opponents are too far apart, but hitting both is preferable.

Bounce (up) ~ Bounce (down) @ William/nothing ~ Icy Wind@Spectre+William/Bounce (down) @ William