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Dies Twice Mafia - Game Thread

So me and kyeugh are the only ones still full. And since the mafia one-shots people, that means one of us is probably getting targetted next
lmao i deadass had a dream that flora flipped red (said dream reminded me that this game exists)

lmao i deadass had a dream that flora flipped red (said dream reminded me that this game exists)

honestly incredible.

anyway. er. sorry for dropping the ball on this one, i genuinely thought i could juggle this + moving + fandom zine project + general employment and it turns out i can't! whoops.

i'd argue my innocence but i suspect it's a lost cause at this point lmao

i’ve gotten 2 hours of sleep and about to pass back out, i’ll explain in a few hours
if i’m being completely honest, i don’t totally remember what my vibe was because i was delusional at 8am

it was partly that i kinda believe flora, i think as wolf they’ve historically fully disappeared. i also think that flora being the “most likely” doesn’t really make sense, why would they be any more likely wolf than any other inactive? if flora is town then they’d be an ez mislynch after how quiet the game has been + skylar and i placing votes.

also i just had a sudden gut feeling because someone on the wolfteam is definitely engaged enough to be targeting relevant people

anyway this all feels stupid because everything has moved so slowly in this game but i had a soulread so leave me alone
i wish we could just flip dulfin considering that they haven’t logged on in literally a month
I meant most likely out of flora or stryke, who I think are the main suspects

Like I posted before, the two of them lost a life right as the mafia started full-killing people, so even though they both have some factors that make me not sure, those are my best guesses so far
Namely, Stryke's power belonging to mafia only really makes sense (at least to me) as a drawback to unlocking the full-killing, and even that feels like a stretch, while Flora lost their life right as the full-killing started and so the order of things might have made it weird
I was leaning towards flora before, so I was basically just agreeing with other people voting for them

That being said, I know my takes in both games so far have been safe and non-committal, so I understand the vibes being off
I'm not evil, I'm just bad
would rather full-kill this slot, unless there’s a vig hidden somewhere we’ll never resolve this one either
I'm still not entirely convinced that Flora dying and mafia now being able to doublekill isn't a coincidence, but mewt switching votes so suddenly reads very towny to me, so bye bye MrDulfin

Also maybe this will help prove to you guys I really can double vote
is there a case for mrdulfin more compelling than the flora life lost/mafia instakill timing or is this vibes
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