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Eifie's Definitely 100% Legit Serious Mafia Game


oh man, good times.
Final Votecount

Stryke (3): Panini (#335), Chemist1422 (#382), Hiikaru (#406)
Music Dragon (1): Music Dragon (#349)
Panini (1): qva (#393)
Not voting: sanderidge, Sandstone-Shadow, I liek Squirtles, Butterfree, Stryke, Manti

Stryke was lynched. He was:
You are Four Masked Chronos and you are a member of the mafia. You win when you reach parity with the town and all other threats to the mafia have been eliminated.

Each night (except Night 0), one of the mafia must use the Factional Kill night action to target a player outside of the mafia faction. The target of the factional kill will die unless they are saved or the action is otherwise prevented. If you use the Factional Kill action, you may not use another ability the same night.

You have access to the following abilities, of which you may use one per night:

  • Inform: Once per night you can inform everyone targeting your target of your target's name.
  • Poison*: Once per night you can poison yourself.
  • Gift: Once during the game you can give a newly generated random ability to two targets.
  • Frame: Once per night you can cause a random player to appear as belonging to a random faction when investigated until the end of the following day.

It is now Night 2. You have 23 hours (until Saturday, May 11th, 9pm EST) to submit night actions. Day 2 event submissions are also due at this time.

Day 3 will start tomorrow at 10pm EST.

btw no joke cover prizes today, because you fools didn't post enough >:( let the disappointment of Pagliacci haunt you until the end of your days
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the world is just a sphere
ok guys, here's what i got so far:
The Tragedy of Ultraton: A Script for the Ages said:
qva: Hail, good forumgoers. I come to you with a simple query. I seek a resource for use in creating a Pokémon game from scratch. Knowst any from among your ranks of such an application?
Music Dragon: God be with ye! I do know of such an implement, as chance would have it. It is called "Pokémon Ultraton." Unfortunately, a single factor obstructs its convenient use: I first require the creation of an account, linked to your forum persona.
qva: Forsooth? Tell me more of this obstructing factor.
Music Dragon: First you will need to privately inform me of your forum username and password. Privacy is of utmost importance, of course. Following this, I shall bestow upon you a Downloade Link, which will initiate the installation procedure.
qva: Be this all?
Music Dragon: Nay— I require also a Nigerian bank account, holding a minimum of $100. Please send me your bank information, and I shall arrange a transfer posthaste.
qva: Oho! But of course, petulant troll. No matter, my "trustworthy" fiend— I will simply transfer my sensitive details, as well as one hundred dollarinoes, to a true stranger in exchange for a dubious implement which exists not. Preposterous! I hope dearly that this transgression leads to your removal from the premises, you miscreant.
Music Dragon: Fret not. I can assure you in earnest that Pokémon Ultraton does, in fact, exist. Here is an etching my scribe created of the appliance in action. Do feast your eyes upon it, good patron.
qva: Ah, heavens to the virgin above! This is your best attempt at pulling the wool over my pure, unadulterated Childe Eyes? Pathetic as the clay beneath my vulgar feet, you writhing worm. Your scribe's handwriting is abysmal! Laughable, I do declare! Ohohoho!
please don't criticize me too harshly here i'm an amateur


oh man, good times.
D2 event submissions have been extended until tomorrow morning!

It's day again in Eifieland!

Oh, dear. I guess Manti and the bees haven't been getting along.

Manti has died. He was:
You are Cult Blogger and you are a member of the town. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

You have access to the following abilities, of which you may use one per night:
  • Inform*: Once per night you can inform everyone who is not targeting your target of a random dead player's alignment.
  • Swap: Once per night you can swap this ability with an ability belonging to your target.
  • Passive: If someone targets you they will be given a newly generated ability. (This ability is always in effect and does not prevent you from using another ability at the same time.)
As always, the day event is here to chase your sorrows away!

D3 Event: Two Truths and a Lie!

For those of you who haven't played before, Two Truths and a Lie is a game where each person gives 3 "facts" about themselves. 2 of those are true statements and 1 of them is a lie. For each person, you need to guess which of their statements is the lie! For example:

Eifie's entry
  1. I can't see pictures in my head!
  2. I have a totally real dog whose name is Barfie and he is totally 100% real.
  3. I've never eaten ham.
Unfortunately the second statement is a lie. :( Poor Barfie. The other two are true! So anyone who guesses that I lied about 2) gets a point. I just thought of these facts off the top of my head; your facts can be whatever you want, they can be mundane or funny or ridiculous or whatever!

You will have the first 35 hours of the day, until Monday, May 13th at 9am EST, to submit 3 facts about yourself (2 truths and 1 lie) if you want to play. After the 36 hours I will post what each person submitted in the game thread. You will then have another 36 hours, until the end of Day 3, to send me your guesses of what each person's lie was. The person who gets the most correct wins!

Note: if you just want to guess without submitting any facts about yourself, that's fine!
Submissions for the first phase of the event are due Monday, May 13th at 9am EST!

It is now Day 3. You have ~72 hours for discussion.


oh yeah sand's clear too

Panini, qva, sand, Hiikaru, Chem villagers

chainlynch the others for a free win, probably


vote stryke
woah woah woah

this is illegal

i am the ghost cop and yall can only talk abt the event in this chat

even this serious game has standards


the world is just a sphere
yeah. i feel comfortable saying now this much: i have a power called inform and literally all it does is tell the person i target that i targeted them. somehow this is my most useful power. night zero i used this on ils; night one i used it on panini; last night i used it on you