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Fallen London Mafia


Night Zero
The world and mechanics of this game are adapted from Fallen Londen, a web game I don't expect any of you to have heard of.

How it works is there are four qualities you will build up over the course of the game: Dangerous, Shadowy, Persuasive, and Watchful. With these qualities you can unlock actions to be performed at night. Having higher levels of these qualities unlocks increasingly powerful abilities; for example, a low level Persuasive character might be able to blindly redirect another player's action, while a high level Persuasive character might be able to actually determine another player's action and target. Some actions are unlocked by enough points in multiple qualities. Descriptions of the categories are as follows.

  • Dangerous: People who are dangerous are not to be messed with. They have powers to do harm to others, but also to gain protection from a variety of tricks.
  • Shadowy: Shadowy individuals can do whatever they please. Perhaps it's sneaking into a health clinic and then a needy house, perhaps it's masking parts of their identity, perhaps it's catching cats to hear the secrets they whisper...
  • Persuasive: Persuasivity is a game of influence. Sometimes to do, sometimes to tell - because everyone has secrets.
  • Watchful: Information can be found in a wealth of circumstances, and the watchful know how to glean it. The truly observant can discern fact from fiction.

Each night, you can perform one action, and have 3 points or levels to divide up between your qualities in any way you choose. Abstains are fine as long as they are not abused, but communication outside of thread is not fine unless a game event allows it. I don't think I will modkill for inactivity, but I reserve the right to.

And that's it. I'm looking for at least 12 players, hopefully more. Sometime after you sign up and before the game starts, send me a PM telling me how you want to spend your first 3 levels so that you can start unlocking abilities. (You still get another 3 points to use on night zero.)

EDIT: Oh, and Remember, remember the fifth of November!
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Lowering the barrier to 8-10 players. Which means that you'll unlock more powerful abilities sooner.
Surprisingly enough I actually found out about this game before you put this up xD
I don't really get the differences between qualities. May you please be more specific? For instance, both "Shadowy" and "Watchful" seem like they can gather info, while both "Dangerous and "Shadowy" (maybe even "Persuasive") seem to be able to defend themselves from other actions. =/
Dangerous seems to be Bodyguard/killing role
Shadowy seems like theif/rolecop/Framer
Persuasive seems Mayor/Rediredter
Watchful seems like cop/oracle

At least those are my impressions.
I was being vague on purpose. I didn't put these together thinking of each one as a specific kind of function like "info gathering" or "defense"; instead each category has a pool of moves that somehow fit the trait. A big part of the game is not knowing what move you'll acquire next.
Alright, after 24 hours sign-ups are gonna be officially closed, and then we'll start. (last minute join-ins accepted; just be sure to send in your action pm)
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I promise to have this up by the end of this weekend. I've been unexpectedly busy this week. Also, I have a pm from everyone, so we're good to go. (If you happen to want to sign up at this point, it's still fine as long as you send me a pm with your initial experience spending)
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