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Favorite YouTube Music channels


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There are a lot out there, and I'd like to know some of you guys'. Mine is definitely Francesco Parrino. He is super perfect for studying, because it's a piano, not something you really feel the super need to sing along to. Just promise me you'll check out the Sky Full of Stars cover by him. If this doesn't impress you enough, Bohemian Rhapsody certainly will.


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Our Last Night

They do a lot of covers, but they have their own albums out, and they are pretty awesome. Hardcore punk/Alternative. The two leads are actually brothers, both of them have great sound, and mesh really well.

They also do acoustic versions of their most popular songs, just released and entire album of acoustic versions.

Some choice original work.
Sunrise: Original - Acoustic I should mention this song was an anthem made for the Bully Project and is a song against bullying and is meant to be sung to a person considering suicide.
Fate: Original - Acoustic
Same Old War: Original - Acoustic
Dark Storms

Choice covers:
Bye Bye Bye (Yep NSYNC cover)
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Hi-Rez Studios
LittleVMills does epic hard rock covers of video game music, especially Pokemon!


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The only music channels I'm subscribed to are Pokémon remixers.

Glitchxcity and Pokéremixstudio are pretty well known (I'm pretty sure the latter has an account here) but my favourite is Kamikadze333666.


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From Google
There is a whole goddamn channel dedicated to Pokemon music, from Red and Blue to ORAS to Pokemon Shuffle, which barely anyone plays but me. However, the channel stopped before Sun and Moon...