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Frontier Town Founder's Square

Arctozolt finally arrived to the gathering, and turned towards Shiron. It hesitated, then said a curt, "Hello."

"The...I have no idea what you are, but you have the right idea," it said towards Nova.
"Sorry, I didn't catch your name. Never mind that I have no idea what kind of mon you are."
"Nova." Sighing, he extended a foreleg. Until he realized how big that was compared to the sprigatito. Nova settled for just a talon for her to shake. "I'm, uh— artificial. No species name. Hence... wanting to find who's in charge. I'm used to the stares. But I don't want it to effect everyone else, too."
"Type: Null is what they called his sort where I come from..." Corey muttered as he limped his way over to the group. He struggled to climb his way up onto one of the benches, feeling like a pathetic toddler as he eventually crawled up and slumped back against the seat.

"They say your kind was created by a couple of conglomerates in secret. It was all over the news for a short while, but hey, multiverses and all, I could be completely off the mark regarding how things went in your world," he said with a shrug.

"Anyway, all that's neither here nor there, you say your name's Nova, then that's what we ought to call you right? Well, Nova, like the others said, you make a good point. Scrambling about, looking for the others, that's probably not gonna get us very far. What we know for sure is that we're here, and we need to figure out where here is... and the governing authority would be the best place to learn."
The Ralts had cut in before Felin even had her chance to accept Nova's oversized and pointy nail. She took it in her paw anyway to complete the paw-talon shake. With that done, she spared her mind for the Ralts.

"Right, so who might you be? Don't just walk in without saying who you are." A smirk plastered across Felin's face as she hoisted herself up to stand ad spread her arms wide. "I am Felin Boots! Silver ranked solo delver extraordinaire, at your service!"
"Delver? Is that like spelunking?" Nova tilted his head. He was trying not to flinch at Raalts' explanation. It was already clear other universes had the means to make a, well, him. But for what looked like a kid to just spout it off so casually...

He focused on the punny-named sprigatito. "Or maybe you're experienced with mystery dungeons? That could help endear us to whoever's in charge here."
This Felin certainly had a flair for the dramatic, didn't she? Silver ranked solo delver? What did that even entail? Sounded like something out of an expeditioning enterprise... If only his trade had fancy ranks like that...

"Corey Holdaway, Pokemon Researcher," he said with a faint wave. "Currently unemployed... or ah, self-employed if we're being generous. Funny enough I've been dipping my toes in the exploring trade myself. Figured it might give me that push into professorship or something. Haven't really had a ton of success in other fields after all."

He looked over to Nova, his curiosity piqued at the big guy's last question.

"Mystery Dungeons, you say? Never heard of 'em... Sounds like something out of a theme park though."
At the mention of "researcher," Nova wilted. Slid down onto his belly despite the fact he could easily squish Corey if he wanted to. That certainly explained a thing or two.

Arctozolt's display proved a meaningful distraction, though. "Err... first time with a tail?"

He hoped that, perhaps, the dashing delver would pick up the slack with a mystery dungeon explanation.
And pick up the slack Felin did. She dropped on all fours, a glint in her eyes, eager to delve right into her area of expertise.

"I don't know how mystery dungeons work in your worlds. Heck, this'll make even less to the 'humans' of you" She laughed, and continued. "Where I'm from, Mystery Dungeons are places were dreams meet reality, where common sense leaps off the roof, and anything and everything can be possible."

She folded her legs in to sit more comfortably. "Some dungeons are stranger than others. Some house beasts, some house treasure, and yet many are so mundane that mon use them as roads bridging parts of continents."

Felin hummed and tapped her cheek with a claw. "But... this is not my world. Nothing I just said might even apply at all in this one, so take it all with a pinch of salt. With luck it'll give us a general idea of the basics so we don't die stranded in one."
"Uh, I'm Shiron. Not the first time being summoned to another world..."

He took a look at his own, puny Mudkip body.

"...But the first time like this. I was a Marshtomp before. I didn't go on dungeons all that often, just once, to save a friend's baby brother."
What was this sudden crushing feeling of negativity he was feeling? Corey thought he was feeling what he could only assume was years of pain and sadness hitting him all at once... and it all seemed to be coming from Nova. What had he said that made the Type: Null so miserable? Corey tried to retrace all his prior words, and the only reasonable presumption he could make was that the mention of his career was the issue in some way. Admittedly scientists could do just as much harm as good if their hearts were in the wrong place, he was well aware of a few cases where such was proven in practice... but for the very mention of being a researcher bringing someone down like that? Damn... This guy must've really gone through it...

"Uh... Alright, so, a strange mythical place that's always changing then? Doesn't sound too different from the void we were all just in... and I can say for sure that things still feel very much like a weird dream to me right now..."

He moved to stand up on the bench, still feeling terribly small.

"Anyway, seems we're well on our way to getting fully acquainted with each other... though, if you'll excuse me, I don't think I got what you were trying to say earlier..." he said, motioning to the Arctozolt... Now that he was looking at them, he was feeling a strange sense of... duality.
"No, it's—quit it! Just because you—I'll do one thing you say if you stop this!" The beast said, as its tail continuously smacked its snout, before it finally stopped.

"Finally. As I was saying before I was RUDELY INTERRUPTED, I'm Naylene," she said. A moment passed. "Fine, and the imbecile stuck to me is called Decibel. If you want to refer to both of us, just use our species, Arctozolt."
Laura listened to the conversation between her companions with one perked ear, while scanning the passing locals, looking for other 'spirits', anyone who looked potentially sympathetic and helpful, any information that might be useful... It sure looked like pokémon here always wore something, even if it was only a small accessory. Maybe to express themselves? Or, hadn't the 'voice' said something about sapient versus non-sapient 'mon? Was it to distinguish them from wild creatures? They'd better get ahold of some clothes for themselves, if so. Not that they had any money...

At least she had everyone's names, now. Had she introduced herself properly to those here? It seemed like a deeply trivial thing to care about while surrounded by old-timey buildings in a fantasy world she was somehow in – surely the full weight of just what she was going through would hit her like a truck later, she thought, with a slightly hysterical chuckle – but she should probably say who she was.

"I get the impression that not looking like a wild pokémon probably does matter here," she said, chiming in to the current conversation. "By the way, I'm Laura. Formerly human, and, uh. I'm feeling very out of my depth, here. It sounds like Naylene-Decibel at least have had some experience with multiverse stuff? I'm pretty sure this is just a series of firsts for me, though."

Her brow furrowed. It didn't sound true as she was saying it, but... This was her first time in another world. It was. Weird.

"Anyway. How about we get someone's attention and introduce ourselves...?"

The idea made her neck fur stand on end, but they were gonna have to make first contact eventually.

It looked like the choice was going to be made for them, judging by the purposeful-looking prinplup and indeedee walking their way up the middle of the thoroughfare...
Shiron's head gill twitched a bit.

"I used to be a human too! Well, it's kinda funny... I was human, then I became a Marshtomp, and now I'm a Mudkip. It's all very strange, but I learned to not worry too much about it."

And now they were finally meeting someone. Great, social interaction, Shiron's favorite thing to do. Well, he was getting better at it, all things considered. He waited for the pair to get close enough before speaking.

Felin's ears perked up and her pupils dilated like an expanding sink hole. Those eyes stared intently at Laura and Shiron, almost as if she'd pounce like a cat who'd just seen a feather on the move.

"You two are both humans? This means your kind are in fact real," said Felin, reclining on her bench. "Are the legends true then? That humans look like slender machoke with fur growing like moss from their skulls?"

The approaching Prinplup and Indeedee entered the corners of her gaze like blots of ink spreading across a page. She raised a paw and turned to face the newcomers. "Ah, put a pin on that. We have company, I can see."
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