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Frontier Town Founder's Square

As soon as Silver caught his breath, he traded stares with his opponents. His blood chilled instantly — the message in those glares was as clear as a bell: ‘You’re done for, punk!’

Silver gulped, his eyes widening in alarm and his gut feeling telling him what was to come. “…Oh crap,” he whispered, squeezing his eyes shut and bracing himself for impact.

The comeuppance came swiftly and relentlessly. Despite his best efforts, Silver let out a pained weasel-y squeal when he got rammed into a stony surface and pelted with a barrage of mud, burning water, and sharp quills. He might be used to getting injured and assaulted, but damn! His entire body was burning like hell! Almost as if a truck had run over him — both forward and in reverse gear!

“Ngggodsdammit…” he croaked, wondering where the heck he found the strength to stay conscious. Teenaged rebellious stubbornness, if he could hazard a guess. But then, he chuckled hoarsely despite the protests from his body. “Heh… I-I guess I should’ve seen that coming, hehehe…”

Wobbling and panting, he leaned on the surface behind his back to stand up, doing his best to ignore the fatigue. It was then that he realized the fountain was just behind him. A cover! Yeah, he needed to breathe for… a moment or two…

Without a second thought, he dragged himself into the fountain and gurgled in relief when the fresh water cooled down his burning muscles.

Silver (31 STM, 5 TMP, +0 SPD, +0 ACC, 29 SHD, 20 RAD)
- Walk to Fountain
- Receive (Call) (+3 TMP, -10 SHD, -10 RAD)
- Interact @ Splash in the water to cure the burn (-3 TMP)
- **Act:** SHADOW Focus (+5 TMP)
- SHADOW Bulk Up (-18 STM, +2 TMP, +18 SHD)
Net change: -18 STM, +7 TMP, +8 SHD, -10 RAD
Net totals: 13 STM (40 after regen), 12 TMP, 37 SHD, 10 RAD
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[sry brain unworking]

Leaf (49 STM, 17 TMP, +0 SPD, +1 ACC, 0 SHD, 16 RAD)
- Walk to SE Square
- **Act:** Focus (+5 TMP, -20 SHD, -20 RAD)
- Focus (Breather) (+5 TMP, -20 SHD, -20 RAD)
Net change: +0 STM, +10 TMP, +0 SHD, -16 RAD
Net totals: 49 STM (103 after regen), 27 TMP, 0 SHD, 0 RAD
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Turn 4
Player Phase

Mhynt's Cacnea Spike dealt 4 damage to Ibuki!
Mhynt's STRONG RADIANT Acrobatics dealt 26 damage to Ibuki!
Mhynt is guarding Silver via Teleport!

Jade's Cacnea Spike dealt 3 damage to Ibuki!
Jade called out to Silver!
Jade's Thunderbolt dealt a CRITICAL 31 damage to Ibuki!

Silver splashed in the fountain water to cure his burn!

Leaf took a breather!

Laura Called out to Silver!

Kotetsu's Firm Protect expired!

"Silver," called Laura, from the crowd. "His guard's going down! Get him with a crit!"

Kotetsu, ignoring this, planted his hands on his hips and laughed.

"Efficient battlers, aren't you? But you'll have to fight me sooner or later... Ibuki, how are you holding up?"

The Golisopod wiped his mandiples with an armoured appendage. "I'm okay, boss. How about you?"

The Bisharp shrugged. "Filled with regret that I did not ask for a series of duels. But take heart, my friend! I shall be the last of us standing, yet."

"Indeed!" Ibuki laughed, approximating a cracking of his knuckles by buckling his chitinous armour plates.
Turn 4
Enemy Phase

Kotetsu moved to SE Square...
Kotetsu's Night Slash dealt a CRITICAL 28 dmg to Leaf!

"Ibuki, I don't hear you fighting!"

Ibuki's Mud Shot dealt a grazing 5 damage to Jade!
Ibuki used Bulk Up!

"I'm not doing so hot, boss! Can you blame me for playing it safe?"

"This is no time for your battle-shyness!"

"Boss, the water got cold! I got more important things to worry about!"

Ibuki Focused...
Ibuki's STRONG Scald heated up the water!
What a nice hot bath... 10% HP recovered by all present~

"Gah...! Out of my way, girl."

Kotetsu's False Swipe dealt 1 damage to Leaf! Couldn't KO...
Kotetsu dashed to Fountain!
Kotetsu's STRONG Iron Head was intercepted, and dealt 36 damage to Mhynt!
Kotetsu's Night Slash dealt 9 damage to Silver! Not very effective...

Kotetsu glowered at the hot water he now had to stride through, clearly uncomfortable.

"Will no 'mon take me seriously?" he demanded.

"Well, boss, you did show up sloshed."

"Silence, Ibuki!"

It seems Jade and Silver are the enemy's priority targets.
Apparently, Ibuki's behaviour changes when he's on the ropes...
Mhynt didn't stop. While her attacks were weak, they were numerous, and she wasn't tapped out on energy just yet. She intensified her power of Radiance, harnessing it rather than letting it control her. She would remain in control while working through its odd powers.

It was harder in this world. But she knew how to keep steady.

"Oh?" Mhynt said, suddenly kicking off Ibuki to land on her feet before Kotetsu. "Finally come to your senses, have you? ...Fine."

She brandished her Leaf Blade, flickering between light and dark. She eventually chose to focus on Radiance. Walking toward him, she let the lights glimmer off of her blade.

"I'll entertain you."

Mhynt (91 STM, 13 TMP, +2 SPD, +0 ACC, 0 SHD, 35 RAD)
- **Act:** Item (Cacnea Spike) @ Ibuki
- Acrobatics @ Ibuki (-14 STM, +2 TMP)
- **Act:** RADIANT Focus (+5 TMP)
- STRONG CRITICAL RADIANT Leaf Blade @ Ibuki (-31.5 STM, -11 TMP, +4 TMP, +21 RAD)
- Interact @ Power walk to Kotetsu, brandishing her Leaf Blade (-3 TMP)
Net change: -40 STM, -3 TMP, +0 SHD, +21 RAD
Net totals: 51 STM (81 after regen), 10 TMP, 0 SHD, 56 RAD
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The hot water was… soothing. Unexpectedly so. But yet, despite the pain of her wounds growing more distant, Jade felt sluggish, tired, running on fumes. Almost out of energy… just had to… get one last hit—

Jade (35 STM, 7 TMP, +0 SPD, +1 ACC, 0 SHD, 30 RAD)
- **Act:** Item (Cacnea Spike) @ Ibuki
- **Act:** Focus (+5 TMP, -20 SHD, -20 RAD)
- STRONG Thunderbolt @ Ibuki (-31.5 STM, +6 TMP)
- **Act:** Call @ Mhynt
Net change: -32 STM, +11 TMP, +0 SHD, -20 RAD
Net totals: 3 STM (30 after regen), 18 TMP, 0 SHD, 10 RAD
God but her head was ringing after those strikes. Just a moment to clear it, take in the warmth of the sun, focus all that battle-buzzing into the point of her horn and the centers of her hooves. Almost there. No backing down this time. Cut through his defenses, trip him up, bring him down, bring all of them down. Almost there...

"Don't worry, Kotetsu. I always keep my promises," Leaf said, horn pointed square at the bisharp's chest. "You're giving me the fight I wanted; now you get the fight you wanted." She gave Silver a nod of encouragement—almost there, she mouthed—and lashed out at the wandering samurai.

Leaf (103 STM, 27 TMP, +0 SPD, +1 ACC, 0 SHD, 0 RAD)
- Walk (+1 MC) to Fountain (-3 TMP)
- Morning Sun (-36 STM, +2 TMP)
- Bulk Up (-18 STM, +2 TMP)
- STRONG CRITICAL Low Kick @ Kotetsu (-30 STM, -16 TMP, +6 TMP)
- **Act:** Call @ Silver
Net change: -84 STM, -9 TMP, +0 SHD, +0 RAD
Net totals: 19 STM (46 after regen), 18 TMP, 0 SHD, 0 RAD
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Well, his opponents definitely didn’t want to give him a break! Silver held a breath, his body tensing when he saw the metallic sheen… which got intercepted by Mhynt. He stared at the Grovyle, flabbergasted, before saying a faint, “…Thank you.”

Silver quirked a brow at the rambling Bisharp; wow, someone was really butthurt! He heard Laura’s shout amidst the crowd and he gave an appreciative nod to both at her and Leaf before facing his opponent.

“You wanna be taken seriously… Okay, then!” He jumped on the fallen statue, a golden hue flickering in his eyes and fueling his tenacity. Then he pointed his claw at the Bisharp, smirking with his trademark haughtiness. “If that’s what you wish, I’m gonna take you very seriously now!”

Pumping the remaining adrenaline in his body, Silver pounced Ibuki to gain momentum and sprang toward the Bisharp, his claws unsheathed and his battle-hungry smirk widening.

Silver (40 STM, 12 TMP, +0 SPD, +0 ACC, 37 SHD, 10 RAD)
- Receive (Call) (+3 TMP, -10 SHD, -10 RAD)
- **Act:** RADIANT Focus (+5 TMP)
- RADIANT Rock Smash @ Ibuki (-11 STM, effect, -5 TMP, +5 TMP, +11 RAD)
- STRONG CRITICAL Drain Punch @ Kotetsu (-25.5 STM, -18 TMP, +5 TMP)
Net change: -37 STM, -5 TMP, -10 SHD, +1 RAD
Net totals: 3 STM (30 after regen), 7 TMP, 27 SHD, 11 RAD
Turn 5
Player Phase

Silver's RADIANT Rock Smash dealt 22 damage to Ibuki! Def -1!
Silver's STRONG Drain Punch dealt a CRITICAL 124 damage to Kotetsu! Recovered 62 HP!

Mhynt's Cacnea Spike dealt 6 damage to Ibuki!
Mhynt's Acrobatics dealt 23 damage to Ibuki!
Mhynt's STRONG RADIANT Leaf Blade dealt a CRITICAL 40 damage to Ibuki!
Mhynt power walked to Kotetsu, brandishing her Leaf Blade...

Kotetsu's eyes brightened beneath the rim of his helm.

"Oho? You'll duel me, will you? Very well; do your utmost, then... I shall do no less!"

Mhynt gained special aggro!

Jade's Cacnea Spike dealt 4 damage to Ibuki! KO!!

Ibuki barely held on after the rush of attacks knocked him off his feet. All it took was one final blow to crack his aura, and see him falling forwards into the pool.

"He'll be fine," shouted Laura. "Golisopod gills work submerged!"

She glanced at Leaf, gearing up to hit Kotetsu where it'd hurt.

"He favours his right!" she yelled, her encouragement carrying aura strength with it.

Jade's STRONG Thunderbolt dealt 25 damage to Kotetsu!
Jade called out to Mhynt!

Laura's Support Skill! Leaf got +1 Atk!

Leaf's STRONG Low Kick dealt a CRITICAL 100 damage to Kotetsu!
Leaf called out to Silver!

Kotetsu feel to one knee, bracing himself on the fallen empoleon statue.

"Marvelous," he murmured, with a dark joy in his eyes. "This is just what I needed. What I've craved."

What? Kotetsu is...
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Turn 5
Enemy Phase

The samurai stood, energy returning to him even as he approached his apparent limits. A glow began at his fists, and spread further...

"Bisharp are exceedingly rare in Luctemar," he told the Wayfarers, as he gave Ibuki's unconscious form a fond glance. "I recently defeated one Bisharp Rin and claimed her crest. She and her pawns were not enough to push me beyond my limits..."

One glowing gauntlet moved to a sheath at his waist and withdrew a chipped metal blade, like a knife without a hilt and handle. Kotetsu held it aloft.

"...but I knew you would give me the challenge I thirsted for."

Boss Action: Kotetsu gained +2 Acc! Most of his attacks will be critical!
Kotetsu's False Swipe dealt 10 damage to Mhynt!
Kotetsu's Leer lowered Mhynt & Jade's Def by 1! Jade's Competitive!

"I'll defeat you, warrior of the east! You shall help me grow strong enough to surpass my shameful standing!"

Kotetsu struck with precision and aggression, answering Mhynt's challenge with all his might. With all his allies felled, his motivation was transformed...

Kotetsu's STRONG Iron Head dealt a CRITICAL 38 damage to Mhynt!
Kotetsu's Night Slash dealt a CRITICAL 34 damage to Mhynt! KO!!
Kotetsu's Interact: hold the Leader's Crest aloft...
What? Kotetsu is evolving!

...and so was he.

"Gwooooaaaaahhh!!" he cried, before laughing deeply, his armour plates clashing against each other as he grew in stature.

Kotetsu evolved into Kingambit!
Kotetsu recovered 200 HP!
Kotetsu's Supreme Overlord! +3 Atk!
Boss Attack: Kotetsu is preparing Kowtow Cleave!
Kotetsu is grandstanding too much to take cover!

"Come!" boomed the newly-evolved samurai of steel. "Fell me, if you can! I won't make it easy for you!"
"Ngh..." Mhynt had been swatted aside as soon as she'd revealed herself outright. She should have expected as much, but what she didn't expect was a sudden evolution in the midst of battle. Wincing, she leaned against the fountain to get some leverage.

"Well," she growled, "I suppose... that's one thing I'm good at without any equipment. Because for someone who fights with honor... it's so easy to taunt them with that same honor." Holding her arm, she slid to the side, yielding. "...But by focusing so much on me... I did the best thing I could have." With her good arm, she gestured to the rest of the fighters. "Made room for them."
Never a dull battle when one of the pokémon frickin' evolved right in the middle of it, ha. Excellent. What'd bisharp evolve into again? King-something? Whatever he was called now, he was bigger, with an admittedly very impressive face-sword and a way more solid stance. Possibly a built-in chair? Tripping that up was gonna be a tall order.

Not impossible, though. Another feint, another good swing at his weakened side thanks to Laura, and then all they had to do was clean up.

"Definitely wanna hear all about how you made a fool of that no-account 'security guard'. Later, though. After you're done fishing your teeth outta this fountain."

Leaf (46 STM, 18 TMP, +0 SPD, +1 ACC, 0 SHD, 0 RAD)
- **Act:** RADIANT Focus (+5 TMP)
- RADIANT Play Rough @ Kotetsu (-16 STM, +3 TMP, +16 RAD)
- STRONG CRITICAL Low Kick @ Kotetsu (-24 STM, -16 TMP, +6 TMP)
- **Act:** Call @ Silver
Net change: -40 STM, -2 TMP, +0 SHD, +16 RAD
Net totals: 6 STM (33 after regen), 16 TMP, 0 SHD, 16 RAD

- Leaf
- Jade
- Silver
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Jade's lungs burned, her muscles aching in protest. She lifted a paw and tried to call more sparks, but there wasn't any power left for a Thunderbolt. Something else, something else. Wisps of ghostly aura flickered to life, slowly, weakly. One more hit, just had to make it count, had to be useful, come onn--

Jade (30 STM, 18 TMP, +0 SPD, +1 ACC, 0 SHD, 10 RAD)
- **Act:** Item (Cacnea Spike) @ Kotetsu
- **Act:** RADIANT Focus (+5 TMP)
- STRONG RADIANT Shadow Ball @ Kotetsu (-27 STM, +6 TMP, +18 RAD)
Net change: -27 STM, +11 TMP, +0 SHD, +18 RAD
Net totals: 3 STM (30 after regen), 29 TMP, 0 SHD, 28 RAD
So, it was only three kids against a newly evolved whatever-he-was-now… Hey! It was just like those Tojohnese RPG boss fights with the boss turning red and everything! And, well, Kotetsu was technically red, so…

Silver whistled, clearly impressed. “O-oh! Quite the new badass hairdo you’ve got there!” he quipped with an amused tone, before flashing another overconfident smirk. “But you’re gonna need much more than a makeover to stand a chance against us!”

And with deft, sharp-clawed movements, Silver unleashed another barrage of fighting strikes.

Could a wannabe ninja beat a true samurai (with help)? Time to find out…

As mentioned on Discord, Silver is getting two calls from the girls. Phoenix OK’d the change, and Jade’s turn would be legal even with the extra call.
Silver (30 STM, 7 TMP, +0 SPD, +0 ACC, 27 SHD, 11 RAD)
- Receive (Call) from Leaf (+3 TMP, -10 SHD, -10 RAD)
- Receive (Call) from Jade (+3 TMP, -10 SHD, -10 RAD)
- **Act:** Focus (+5 TMP, -20 SHD, -20 RAD)
- Rock Smash @ Kotetsu (-11 STM, +3 TMP)
- CRITICAL Drain Punch @ Kotetsu (-17 STM, -20 TMP, +3 TMP)
Net change: -28 STM, -3 TMP, -27 SHD, -11 RAD
Net totals: 2 STM (29 after regen), 4 TMP, 0 SHD, 0 RAD
Turn 6
Player Phase

Leaf's RADIANT Play Rough dealt 22 damage to Kotetsu!
Leaf's STRONG Low Kick dealt a CRITICAL 82 damage to Kotetsu!
Leaf called out to Silver!

Laura's Support Skill gave +1 Mag to Jade!

Jade's Cacnea Spike dealt 3 damage to Kotetsu!
Jade's STRONG RADIANT Shadow Ball dealt 32 damage to Kotetsu!

Silver's Rock Smash dealt 25 damage to Kotetsu!
Silver's Drain Punch dealt a CRITICAL 101 damage to Kotetsu!

Kotetsu toughed it out with 4 HP remaining!

The steel warrior braced himself, his armour buckled, he let out full-throated barks of pain as his strength faltered...

But he wasn't quite done yet.

"My turn," he growled, with satisfaction.

Silver has the foe's complete focus.

Turn 6
Enemy Phase

Boss Attack: Kotetsu's Kowtow Cleave hit everyone!
Leaf: 64 dmg!
Jade: 58 dmg!
Silver: 28 dmg!
Kotetsu's False Swipe dealt 17 dmg to Silver!
Kotetsu's AGILE Iron Head dealt a CRITICAL 35 damage to Silver!
Kotetsu's Iron Head dealt a CRITICAL 41 damage to Silver! KO!!
Kotetsu's Night Slash dealt a CRITICAL 44 damage to Jade!

Kotetsu grinned viciously at Leaf.

"Come on then, girl. We both know which warrior shall stand alone when the fight is done. Finish it!"

One more attack will end this.
It's just you left, Leaf.
[ ] Objective: Attack Kingambit Kotetsu.
Laura was shouting at her to kick his ass. Kotetsu was staring wildly at her, like there was any shot in hell she was gonna chicken out or something, maybe laze around in Ibuki's fountain jacuzzi to take the edge off the slash of dark energy still sizzling at her side. Why would she, when finishing this for everyone would feel so much better?

Focus, strike, follow through.

"No problem," Leaf said, and she charged.

Leaf (46 STM, 18 TMP, +0 SPD, +1 ACC, 0 SHD, 0 RAD)
- Receive (Call) (+3 TMP, -10 SHD, -10 RAD)
- **Act:** Focus (+5 TMP, -20 SHD, -20 RAD)
- STRONG CRITICAL Low Kick @ Kotetsu (-24 STM, -16 TMP, +6 TMP)
Net change: -24 STM, -2 TMP, +0 SHD, +0 RAD
Net totals: 22 STM (49 after regen), 16 TMP, 0 SHD, 0 RAD
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Turn 7
Player Phase

"Kick his ass, Leaf! He's at his limit!"

Kotetsu smirked, and braced himself, as if he could possibly endure another blow. Nothing could ruin his post-evolutionary good mood – not even defeat.

The kick impacted with a metallic ckrumtch.

Leaf's STRONG Low Kick dealt a CRITICAL 105 dmg! It's ultra effective!


The newly-minted Kingambit toppled backward, landing heavily on the fountain wall, knocking enough of a dent in it that water slowly began to spill out past his torso.

Dazed, wounded, his aura shattered, the samurai coughed out more laughter. It sounded genuine enough, despite his obvious pain.

"Well done," said Kyoko, supporting herself on one scallop shell-sword near the periphery. "The victory goes to you, offworlders."

A handful of onlookers began to clap. A handful of avian and mammal children led the applause, while a delighted trio of 'mon – Maractus, Ludicolo, Kricketune – started up some energetic, celebratory music, now that it wouldn't prove a distraction to the battlers.

~ Wayfarer Victory! ~
"Ngh." Mhynt stood from her spot against the fountain, nodding. "Even with an unexpected surge in power... we had enough leeway to finish things off," she muttered. "At least something goes our way even after the inevitable unexpected development..."
The background of battle-static and Beetle's telepathic hum settled into cheering. They'd gathered an actual crowd, huh. And also music for some reason. Pretty different from how embarrassed everyone'd been back when the samurai were just using the fountain as a shaving bowl. But hey, it had been a hell of a fight and they'd won. If it'd felt half as good to watch as it had to battle, eh, she wasn't gonna blame 'em. And hey, bonus points, no one was running to Lucien or Doc about the statue yet.

"We did it!" Leaf stomped a front hoof with a decisive splash; the impact sent a twinge running down the slash on her side, but screw that, it was worth it. They'd won. "You two all right?" she asked Jade and Silver; Mhynt looked okay, at least, if a little winded. "That was awesome. C'mon, get up and soak it in!" Or maybe it'd feel better to just soak in the water. Up to them. She'd be there to help them up if they wanted.

She turned to the samurai. "Excellent. Feels like it's been forever since I got to have a battle just for fun. Couldn't've asked for a better one. Where've you all been, aside from just training?" she asked, looking between Kotetsu and Kyoko. "Can't've been all boring if you managed to track down Rin."
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For the second time in mere minutes, Silver found himself as the prime target of his opponent’s onslaught, and this time there was nothing stopping him from biting the dust. Well, nothing aside from the water of fountain, of course, so what he ended up doing was gargling water. At least he could metaphorically lick his wounds and muffle his pained grumbles without anyone noticing.

…Wow. You really can’t stop behaving like a little scrapper for once in your life, can you? No wonder you became their favorite punching bag during this match.

‘Oh, shuddup Kris…’
he hushed his internal voice, before rolling on his back and letting the sloshing liquid carry him around, his breaths still heavy. ‘They obviously wanted to take down who they considered their biggest threat. What else?’ He smirked through the pain. ‘I—no, we made ‘em sweat bullets, huh? Hehehe… Excellent!’

The combination of his mental pep talk and the applause from surrounding ‘mons did wonders to his ego. Sure, he might have physically lost, but it didn’t sting all that much. A victory was still a victory, after all!

Silver perked up when Leaf addressed him, and he casually crossed his arms over his chest, ignoring the dull jolts.

“Oh, I’m just peachy! I’ve only got a gang of angry sledgehammers partying hard on my rib cage,” he quipped, his soft chuckles masking the tiredness in his voice. But as a hothead who refused to show how knackered he was, he lifted his arm toward the sky and flashed a victory sign with his claws. “Still, hell yeah! That was a freaking epic showdown!”
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