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Mage of Blood
Have you found goof-ups in the anime/movies?I've found quite a few myself,the one I can think of off the top of my head is Ash sometimes calls his buddy Pikachu " Pichu ".
Um, in the episode with May and Ash fighting during a double battle, Ash said he had never had a double battle, which was untrue. He had one during the end of the Orange Island Saga.
^ I remember that. We were at my aunt's house and I was like "They're wrong!" and my brother was like "No, you're wrong!" and we got in an arguement and I came out on top.
I the second episode, there was a green pidgey, and apparently Pikachu could blow up a building when it was recovering from a terrible injury.
...It was connected up to a generator made from Misty's bike. Generators enhance electrical power. Thus...ability to blow up building.
The anime always depicts Machoke as green and Machamp as purple when it's the other way around.

Indeed, Pikachu has knocked out a Golem with Thunderbolt.

The boy in the First Movie says all his Pokemon are Water type when he has a Nidoqueen.

Gyarados' lips are blue.

Nidoqueen is shown with Nidoking's colors for a second.

Jesse and James once called a Scyther an Alakazam and Meowth called Sandslash Sandshrew.


Thanks to CopyCat for the pictures
In episode 3(or was it 4?) the dub says Brock's mother passed away(the original japanese version doesn't say anything about her, if I remember well.), but she reappears on Chronicles, many episodes later. 4kids was probably ashamed of the goof-up, but somehow, they didn't cut the episode.
*looks on bulbapedia for a second*

In... that episode with the scelacon ruins(the name escapes me...) Ambipom's feet are tan when they should be purple. Hey, I read it on Bulbapedia, I never got to watch it.
In the D/P episode with the Unown, I could swear Piplup yelled "Pochama!" when they were falling down the stairs into the building.

In the Kanto episode "The Flame Pokemon-athon" Squirtle says "Zeni...Zeni..." at one point. You can also hear one of the Japanese endings, uncut, as Ash and everyone walks through the party! I guess 4Kids got lazy that episode. xD

In Pikachu's Vacation, when Charizard gets his head stuck, they show an overhead shot. In that shot, there's Mankey, Butterfree, and a couple other Pokemon that Ash doesn't have. Odd.

@Shadow_Lugia: You can't forget...
James: "Diamonds and Pearls..."
Meowth: "Let's get through dis season first."
In the preliminary battles before the Silver conference, they called Furret a ground type.

Seriously, if you're going to dub something, learn about what you're dubbing before you do it.
In the preliminary battles before the Silver conference, they called Furret a ground type.

Seriously, if you're going to dub something, learn about what you're dubbing before you do it.

Maybe they were just stating which egg group its in. j/k, obviously they weren't.

The only one I can think of at the moment is a major one. One that persists in later episodes. Pikachu learned Volt Tackle. AS A PIKACHU.
In the episode"A Bite to Remember!"of the Hoenn Region(before Ash is even in Rustboro)Team Rocket builds a supposed"Evolution Machine"that not only evolves your Pokemon,but can change them into a completely different Pokemon!Of course,that was just meowth dressing up.When he was Azurill he said "Marril"
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