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Gym Leader Choice Pokémafia 2 - Game Thread


bastard of puppets
Night Two of Tournament Coverage

If you had hoped that the foul play had ended with yesterday's incident... I agree. However, fate disagrees.

And speaking of disagreements, this certainly was the day for them. Many contestants had become worried about trickery behind the scenes, but everyone had their own version of a conspiracy -- and, most precariously, of who would likely be implicated.

By the afternoon, a handful of Gym Leaders had decided that Viola was most suspicious. "She's really bugging me", said one of them. Quickly, the discussion went to alarming places... and before anyone could do something truly extreme to settle doubts, she broke into a fit of vile Kalosian laughter.

We may have, by now, gained some insight as to the exact nature of her transgressions, if the mood hadn't become quite so temperamental around here. No respect for due process! The second they had a confession in their hands, they moved on to having blood in their hands.

It certainly is most disqueting that we truly do have some sort of intrigue aimed at spoiling the games, but must we resort to such means to resolve it? Whatever happened to the strength of the bonds between trainers and Pokémon?
-Colress, Researcher, Engineer, and Pokémon Trainer

Tofu, the Viola, is dead. She was Mafia.

48 hours for night actions.

Tofu(7): bruh moment, Ysabel, JackPK, Myuma, Mawile, kokorico, Bluwiikoon
kokorico (2): Vipera Magnifica, rari_teh
Mr. Ultracool(2): Tofu, Negrek
Negrek(1): RedneckPhoenix



bastard of puppets
Day Three Pregame Column

You know, I always used to say that one thing I love about this city is that, as sleepy as it can be sometimes, there's always something unexpected right around the corner, waitin' to happen. Well... today... I think I could've gone without the surprise. All I can say about it, first of all, is that it's a reaaaal bruh moment.

This thing here has readers all over the world, doesn't it? I guess that's one reason to even bother describing what I'm seeing right now. Those of us who are standin' here... probably don't need me to tell them what's going on. It's not like I know what's going on, exactly. All I know is that... it is a doozy.

The roads and pavements are fulla cracks. Power lines snapped on every other block. Forgot something by the windowsill? It's on the ground now... with extreme prejudice. Don't bother picking it up; it's probably covered in broken glass, to boot. That's what I'm seein' with my own two eyes, when I take a look outside the gaping hole that I used to call a window. With a calamity this size, though, more important places than this l'il neighborhood probably took harder knocks... I don't even wanna know how the port is looking right now. And man, don't even talk to me about the Pokémon World Tournament arena. I bet this has something to do with one of them bigshots yet again, too.

Another handful of them turned up dead in the middle of this mess, too... Cheren, Juan, Tate, and Liza, I think, were all of their names. Seems to me like this might be more of that backstage horseplay from yesterday... ah, but I don't care. I also don't care if you were reading this for tournament updates or whatever. I've got a city to worry about right now. Maybe I'll even start displaying genuine emotions... or maybe not.

RedneckPheonix, the Cheren, has died. He was Town.
Vipera Magnifica, the Juan, has died. He was town.
bruh moment, the Tate & Liza, have died. They were Town.

48 hours for discussion.

@Zero Moment
@Mr. Ultracool
@ミ☆ ᴍyᴜᴍᴀ
Vipera Magnifica
bruh moment



All is fair in love and war
I thiiiink rari is saying that because they all defended Tofu yesterDay? But my head is a bit empty atm ^^; Late night hours for me

Speaking of which, it's 4:20am!!! 😄 I'm having a hard time sleeping