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Sleeping with fire
Hai there! My name is Superjolt, also known as Superclone or just Super (or Jolt, just not SJ though :P

I’m into Pokémon (obviously!), I’m also into Advance Wars and Homestuck (oh gog someone remind me later to actually restart my reread and finish it this time D: )

I like to read and write stuff! I also like to play mafia!

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Sleeping with fire
Thanks for the welcomes everyone!
Hi, welcome to my cult!
Uh oh! What cult would this happen to be :O
Welcome, hope you enjoy your time here!

Where have you played mafia before? :O
I've played on the MSPA Forums and Advance Wars By Web Forum (both around the same time back when I first got into mafia about 8-ish years ago), Pulse Music Board, and PokeCommunity (which was my mafia home from 2015 up until about the end of last year with the demise of the Underground, our mafia section). I've also played on MU, well... sort of! lol. Currently looking for a new mafia home, I'm looking to play games over on Bulbagarden (and soon here as well!)
Hi Jolt!

Hope you have fun here
something something I definitely did not copy-paste this from every other forum greeting
[insert generic response something something to being welcomed here!]

(this round of "How many exclamation marks will Superjolt use in his posts?!" brought to you by waffles!)