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Help with Kyogre plz?


New member
Okay, so in PMD1 (aha I am so lame), I just finished the main storyline and moved on to Kyogre. I cleared the dungeon pretty easily, then I got to Kyogre. I had to use a Max Elixir on Jake, my Pikachu, who happened to be the leader. So, after that, Kyogre used Water Pulse.

I died. XD It did 98 damage; Pikachu only has 93.

My team is a level 30 Pikachu which knows Shock Wave, Thunder Wave (which magically never hits), Thunderbolt, and Slam.

My teammate is a Level 30 Wartortle that knows Dive, Bubble, Rapid Spin, and Hidden Power. I don't really have any more Reviver Seeds since my fight with Articuno; (DAMN YOU POWDER SNOW ;_;) and I ran dry of Oran Berries in the dungeon, not that they would have helped.

Halp? ;D


Maybe you could do some training? Pikachu being taken out in one shot isn't good. Or you could do lots of Reviver Seed and Oran berry missions. That way you can replenish your stock. If you click here you can generate missions. By selecting Wondermail on the main menu and putting in the password generated, you will have that mission to do. Hope it helps!


Returned to the nest.
Well, when I fought it, I had brought three team members that I aquired in the dungeon, and let them act as cannon fodder so I wouldn't get hit by its best attacks, then when it had got rid of them, I used a berry(not sure of the name, but it's the one that alters vision), and threw it at it so I could just use Bonemarang multiple times while it was out of commision. So... my best advice is: Use cannon fodder, and status berries/orbs. And train.