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Hey all


Drinks your milkshake.
Well, I've succumbed to my geekiness and joined a site dedicated to the game I obsessively play when I'm bored. I name every pokemon I catch, in upper/lowercase fashion. I have a bit of OCD so having ALL THE NAMES SHOW UP LIKE THIS really annoys me. XD

About me as a person: I'm a movie buff. Video game fanatic. Music lover. Happily taken by the greatest guy on earth (every girl says that about their boyfriend, I know XD). Been playing pokemon since Blue came out! I still have my mint condition charizard. And the gold plated charizard that Burger king had a while back. I was hoping that stuff would be worth more as time went on, but I was wrong D:

Favorite movie seen in theaters recently: The Dark Knight
Favorite movie seen on TV recently:Jacob's Ladder
Favorite movie rented recently: Tie between Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and No Country for Old Men

About me as a trainer (I sound like a nerd when I say that, hahaha):
I pay more attention to the leveling aspect, I'm kind of one of those "natural trainers" that goes with the flow and raises pokemon no matter what their nature is. I have no idea what EV means, but I know enough to use proteins and such when the pokemon is still young (my self-bred eevee-loution team is going to murder once I raise it haha), and when I get bored of pummeling the elite four over and over, I work on my pokedex. I don't have a favorite type! I use a well-rounded team so I can tackle any opponent. Truthfully, my only real preference is design. I like the "cool" looking pokemon. When battling, I put more effort into strategy as opposed to "breeding the perfect fighter". I always have a pokemon in my party that either is or knows a move that holds a type advantage over what I'm fighting. One of my pokemon can solo the elite four not just because he's level 100, but because he knows Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Slash, and Bite. (He's an Absol, my all time favorite pokemon :D)

I'm working on getting my main team up to 100...I'd be happy to post my team so far if anyone wants to see how I'm doing. I'm proud to say that any given pokemon on my dream team to be makes any of the legendaries in the game pale in comparison. Except for Arceus, Shayamin, and Darkrai. Or any event pokemon. I don't go to the conventions so I will never know how I fare against those guys.

I Roleplay on Acornrack, namely on Taiyae. You can catch me there as:
and Naomi.

Past Characters:

Currently working on my own site, but that's a secret.
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Agreeing with SL here. 'Tis a lot of rambling.
But that isn't always bad!
Anyways, I am Markku.
You have an interesting name. Zehla. Zehlah. xD
Welcome to TCoD and watch out for the Zora.
She tackles.
Welcome to TCoD! I'm Ketsu, the lurker of doom! The best tea we have here is the Earl Grey and the cod is perfectly perpared! Enjoy and avoid the banannas in pajamas~!
Oy Zora! Come out and stab me, because I am posting after Markku~ Muhehehe, you try and I'll get ol' Guardian Angel out here.

;;Notices new person;; Why, hello there! Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome! (You get five welcomes. Gasp, that's the most I've ever given to someone!) I am Arylett Dawnsborough, but just call me Arylett, due to the fact that calling someone by their first and last name all the time is strange. It'd be like if you had a friend named Greg Smith and every day, you'd be all: "Hey Greg Smith! How's it going, Greg Smith! Doing good, Greg Smith?" Weird, hmm?

But anyway, you seem like an awesome person~ I like how your introduction is so detailed! And also, whoo, you sound like me as a trainer~ I pick Pokémon for my team based on solely design as well.

So yes, many welcomes to you! May you have a most pleasant time filled with many prettily coloured flowers and dancing elves giving out free ice cream!

*hides knife* Hello. I am the afformentioned Zora, and I REALLY HATE IT... *glares at corpses* when people post after Markky up there before I do. Try not to do that and you'll be fine. Welcome.
;;Is revived by Guardian Angel;;

Not again... geez, Zora... What is this, the second time you've killed me? And you STILL haven't learned anything, have you? I have posted after Markku and I still live! And I will continue to live~ You cannot kill me. Muhehehe~
Hahaha everyone here is insane! That's good.

Yep, I love love love Absol. I guess I have a list of favorites actually. Absol, Houndoom, Tyranitar, and Honchkrow. Mostly dark types. Weird. o.O
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