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Hiikaru vs Eifie

Alright, Anna, this is sort of annoying since you don't have any really good protection from Yawn, but we do have some options! First, since Adelle is waiting for you to move and thus you have plenty of time to do so, cover your ears up and make sure your eyes are closed, then use a Swords Dance to start with. That'll come in handy soon, and hopefully more than once!

After that, set up a Reflect (don't open your eyes, don't uncover your ears!) while you're still waiting for the Yawn conditionals to get lost! That should help so you don't get Double-Edged, which would hurt.

Finally, while Adelle's still focusing on chilling, forget about worrying for Yawns and go after her with a Fire Punch! After that Swords Dance, that should be enough to knock out that annoying Substitute!

You can do it!

Swords Dance ~ Reflect ~ Fire Punch
Round Six

Hiikaru (xO)
Anna (F) <Blaze>
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Puzzled at Adelle’s behavior.
Commands: Swords Dance ~ Reflect ~ Fire Punch

Eifie (OO)
Adelle (F) <Adaptability>
Health: 75%
Energy: 28%
Status: Back to her victory dance. Has a Substitute with 10% health. +2 attack, +2 special attack.
Commands: Yawn/Double-Edge/Chill (hide behind box) ~ Yawn/Double-Edge/Chill (hide behind box) ~ Protect/Double-Edge/Chill (hide behind box)

When Anna appears on the scene, she isn’t sure what to think. The Eevee facing her is adorable, certainly, but she’s also staring at her in the way Anna usually associates with stalkers. Her head’s tilted to the side, and she’s barely blinking too. And the way that box is just sitting there unnerves her.

Well, whatever. She’ll just block that nonsense out, see how Adelle likes being ignored. Screwing her eyes shut, she places her claws over her ears (or at least where her ears would be if she were a mammal, I don’t know) and proceeds to break into a warrior dance. It’s a bit awkward with her arms flapping around like chicken wings, but she’s soon pumping herself up.

Meanwhile Adelle decides that Anna isn’t going to pay attention to any adorable infectious yawning she might get up to, so she quickly darts off and huddles behind the box. She curls up into a furry brown ball, resting her head down on her bushy tail and concentrating on just relaxing for a while. It’s all she can do not to burst out laughing though; the mental image of the Charmander flailing around is almost too much.

Soon Adelle breaks out of her light trance and peeks around the box, catching sight of Anna again. She watches as the Charmander’s tail flame flashes, the energy creating a translucent golden dome that shimmers protectively around her. She’s still got her ears covered and eyes closed, so it’d be no good to tempt her with a Yawn this time either. Shaking her head, Adelle huddles up into another Chill and lets some more energy seep back into her limbs.

Only after a suitable amount of time does Anna finally let sight and sound return to her. Glancing over at the box, she decides it’s time to finally dish out some damage. She curls her claws to a fist, and with a brief flare of heat, tongues of fire begin to lick around it. With a grin she darts around the box, ready to sink her fist into the adorable Eevee’s face – but just when Adelle’s in sight, her Substitute friend suddenly jumps in out of nowhere and takes the hit for its still-snoozing mistress. It explodes magnificently into scraps of light, and even after it’s faded she still just stands there in shock. Did she really just do that? She didn’t know she could … Whoa.

Adelle stirs beside the box, feeling quite restful and ready to continue. There’s no sign of her friend though. Maybe she got bored and left? She frowns and rubs her head with a paw, not understanding why her faithful Substitute would just get up and leave. Maybe Anna ate her? No, that doesn’t make sense either …

Hiikaru (xO)
Anna (F) <Blaze>
Health: 100%
Energy: 93%
Status: Surprised but pleased by her Substitute-killing moves. Reflect active (3 more actions). +2 Attack.
Actions: Swords Dance ~ Reflect ~ Fire Punch

Eifie (OO)
Adelle (F) <Adaptability>
Health: 75%
Energy: 58%
Status: Refreshed, but saddened by the loss of her friend. +2 Attack, +2 Special Attack.
Actions: Chill (hide behind box) ~ Chill (hide behind box) ~ Chill (hide behind box)

Arena Notes:
- Both Pokemon are on the same side of the perfectly stoic box.

- Anna’s health: 100%
- Anna’s energy: 100% - 2% (Swords Dance) - 1% (Reflect, initial) - 1% (Reflect) - 3% (Fire Punch) = 93%
- Adelle’s health: 75%
- Adelle’s energy: 28% + 10% (Chill) + 10% (Chill) + 10% (Chill) = 58%
- Adelle’s Substitute: 10% - 10% (Fire Punch) = 0%

Next Round:
- Hiikaru commands
- Eifie commands

2015 Zhorken EDIT: 2 exp/happiness for Adelle; 1 for Kiru and Anna; $8 for Eifie; $4 for Hiikaru; $1 each for Totodile and I.
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