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How is there not a Legends: Arceus thread yet?


New member
use what you think
Game looks super cool in general, can't believe there isn't a dedicated hype thread yet that I can find (am new, sorry if I missed it)
Game looks super cool in general, can't believe there isn't a Essay Writing Services dedicated hype thread yet that I can find (am new, sorry if I missed it)
I'm excited for the new game to release Pokémon Legends Arceus. It remind me of Breath of the Wild, which I spent many hours play in 2017. Now I spend most of my time writing essay instead !
Yeah... I wasn't expecting it to be in the first place, from the beginning it seemed to me to have more Monster Hunter-like vibes, but I can see how it's disappointing to people who were hoping for a more unrestricted experience. Especially since they were clearly really trying to cash in on the Breath of the Wild comparisons.

I love your new avatar btw, it's really cute ;_;
Working on postgame stuff now and not to be cringe on main but I kinda love this game. I love the game as a whole, how it's a huge departure from the formula, and a necessary change to the series and blah blah blah, completely echo the sentiments there, but it's just the little things about it too that really make me love it more. I love how beautiful the orchestral soundtrack is, I love how the Pokedex entries are written less like factoids from a book of trivia and more like an actual researcher writing their own thoughts and observations on a new species, I love the various little cultural differences you see from the NPCs that all immigrated to Hisui from other regions... All these cool little details that are scarce to nonexistent in other mainline games really sell this for me. That, and as a guy who makes a Living Dex for every single goddamn new release I get my hands on, the whole surveying thing and having dex completion drive the story really gets me going too.
it's really fuckin good yeah
the post plate collection battle is currently frustrating me rn, as someone who decided to build a second team immediately after the credits rolled, since I first went into it with my team an average of ~15 levels underlevelled. I've gotten my team up to a minimum of lv60 by now and making progress. Shadow Force is also complete bullshit.
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