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How should I beat Fiery Field/Entei in PMD1?

Ether's Bane

future Singaporean
I got my ass handed to me by Entei when I first went to Fiery Field.

Here are my current Pokemon that are decently leveled. Which three should I bring, who should I lead with, and if necessary, what level should I train to?

Swablu (28) @ Power Band: Fury Attack, Attract, Aerial Ace, Hidden Power
Tentacool (27) @ Special Band: Constrict, Supersonic, Acid, Surf
Pikachu (28) @ Detect Band: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Attract, Secret Power
Charmeleon (29) @ Special Band: Flamethrower, Brick Break, Dig, Attract
Chimecho (31) @ Special Band: Psywave, Attract, Take Down, Secret Power
Absol (25) @ Def. Scarf: Bite, Thunderbolt, Taunt, Secret Power (I'll need to train this some more if I bring this)

Also, how many of the following items should I bring?

Reviver Seed
Oran Berry
Max Elixir


Fire emblem is great
Well you have no choice but to bring Tentacool, seeing as you need Surf to do so much as enter the place. As for me, I'd say bring Pikachu and possibly Chimecho. Try using Thunder Wave on Entei immediately; also, Attract on Chimecho mught work, and Supersonic from Tentacool will be useful. After you've got it statused, just keep hitting it with Surf, Thunderbolt and Psywave - what you can do from a distance, do from a distance.