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IMPORTANT: Silliness =/= Spam


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This is not a "spam forum".

The Silliness forum is for light-hearted discussion about nothing in particular, just here for letting people laugh and have a good time. However, that does not mean you can spam the forum with a dozen one-worded posts that have nothing to do with anything. There has to be some topic of discussion - silly, pointless or absurd discussion, perhaps, but still some sort of discussion - in every thread made.

The often-recurring thread "The Café of Doom" is a place with no topic, but that does not mean you can post something that has no meaning or relevance, either; a random post saying nothing but "lol" or "cheeseburger" that has nothing to do with what was previously said would be as much spam there as anywhere else.
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Re: IMPORTANT: Insanity =/= Spam

You are not as funny as you think you are.


Re: IMPORTANT: Insanity =/= Spam

Simply put, we cannot create threads or posts like below.

- Use your imagination -

The Cave of Dragonflies is not a SPAM site, and we are not allowed to SPAM.

That is a simplified version of what Butterfree said. Any confusion?[/SIZE][/FONT]
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Re: IMPORTANT: Insanity =/= Spam

I don't understand what's the point of having Miscellaneous AND an Insanity forum then?

What qualifies a Miscellaneous thread and an Insanity thread?