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IndigoEmmy vs myuma


A chickadee in love with the sky
IndigoEmmy vs myuma

Format: 3v3 Singles
Style: Switch. We can switch out our Pokémon in a way similar to playing against NPCs in pokémon video games.
DQ: Like a week or so. A little more is fine but TRY AND KEEP IT TO A WEEK.
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKO moves. One direct heal per Pokemon (added here).
Arena Description: A tournament at a small dojo, there were about 8 trainers and me and whoever else moved up the ranks, ready for a battle. This is a tournament for trainers just setting off on their journey, so evolved pokémon aren't welcome here.
Additional Rules: Again, no evolved pokémon.

IndigoEmmy's active squad

riolu Riolu the male Riolu <Steadfast>
buneary Floof the female Buneary <Run Away>
togepi Baby the female Togepi <Serene Grace>
fletchling Cardinal the male Fletchling <Big Pecks>

myuma's active squad

cottonee Silke the female Cottonee <Prankster>
vulpix-alola Aster the male Vulpix (Alola Form) <Snow Cloak>
solosis Konani the female Solosis <Magic Guard> @ Life Orb

Alright! I haven't done this in like a year probably so let's see what I've all forgotten! :D

Turn order (randomized):

@myuma sends out a Pokémon
@IndigoEmmy sends out a Pokémon and posts commands
myuma posts commands

Copying this from Eif's latest thread:
Eifie said:
Let me know if you have any questions on how to play! You can look at other battle threads for examples of commands; the most basic form is just move 1 ~ move 2 ~ move 3. You might want to give conditional commands if you're the one commanding first since you don't know what the other person is going to do. Those are like "use move A, but if your opponent is Protecting then use move B instead" and you would write the command string like move A / move B ~ second command ~ third command. I recommend just starting with whatever commands you feel like giving and not worrying too much about strategy; you can try out more complex things later on!

Eifie will ref; I will write descriptions and post! Good luck both of you!
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Go, Konani! Use Psychic if Emmy sends out Riolu, Floof, or Baby, then use Reflect. If it's Cardinal, use Rock Tomb, then Rock Slide!

(I'm picking moves based on what Solosis can learn according to the database - is that OK?)

Psychic ~ Reflect/Rock Tomb ~ Rock Slide
But, at any rate. (you can probably just post new or similar commands after this, but i guess posting similar/the same commands would give me an advantage).

Hmm... this is interesting. We just started the battle and right off the bat you sent out your "Ace" pokémon (is this right? those were the vibes i was getting from Konani).

Well then... i know who i'm going to send out.
*Togepi waddles up*
*I pick togepi up and set her beside me*

No not you... i'll go with my Ace pokémon as well... go Riolu!

And before I post commands i'm going to wait to get this all clarified.
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ok great

Riolu, start us off with a Sword's Dance, if Myuma hits you with psychic on the previous action, use Payback, Otherwise, use Shadow Claw, Then, Meteor Mash to... uhh... mash up Konani. Idk, solosis is already a bit on the squishy side (Squishy as in literally squishy, not as in like weak defense sort of squishy).

Swords Dance ~ Payback/Shadow Claw ~ Meteor Mash
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Konani, let's start with Reflect to shield yourself from Riolu's Shadow Claw (and future Shadow Claws). Next, hit him hard with Psychic!

Reflect ~ Psychic ~ Psychic
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It's a hot, stuffy day in the ASB lands and the fans inside the small trainer's dojo off First Avenue aren't doing much to relieve the heat. The AC in this building has been broken for quite some time, but up until now, the staff hasn't had much reason to hire someone to come in and fix it. Now they're scrambling to set up rusty fans and straining to open windows that have practically been painted shut. Two new trainers are eagerly rushing into the dojo, wide-eyed with wonder and bursting with energy, and several other new trainers and fans bustled in behind them to fill in the audience. At last, a seasoned ref with her apprentice scribe scrolled in, brushing off old reffing rulebooks and testing pens on paper.

Eifie glanced at both battlers, and when everyone was in position, she unfolded a crumpled ref's flag (behind her, SS mumbled, "sorry, ran out of time to iron it") and tossed it into the air, declaring, "Let the battle begin!"

Round One

IndigoEmmy (3/3 left)
Ability: Steadfast
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Raring to go!

myuma (3/3 left)
Konani ♀ @ Life Orb
Ability: Magic Guard
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Cautiously floating.


myuma was the first to move, throwing a shiny Pokeball onto the small, scuffed floor of the dojo. "Konani, I choose you!" In a flash, a little blob of green jelly bounced onto the dojo floor with a light, whispering bell noise. The Solosis bounced a few times, spinning her eyes around the room.

Across the room, IndigoEmmy tossed her own Pokeball. A tiny ninja fox sprang forth from the burst of light, letting out a warrior cry that would have been intimidating if it wasn't so high-pitched. Immediately, the little Riolu raised his paws and spun on the floor, closing his eyes and focusing his breath. He moved his paws in an arc around him, imaginary swords sharpening his focus and his resolve. Konani let out a timid chime and threw a flash of light in front of her. It shimmered brilliantly twice, then faded nearly invisible, and the Solosis drifted tensely behind it.

As soon as the light faded, Riolu finished his dance and lashed out with paws suddenly cloaked by shadowy energy. Konani shrieked; the claws sliced halfway through the Reflect, slowing the impact but still scoring dark marks through the round Pokemon's jello figure. She floated back half a blob and narrowed her eyes, then let out a blast of Psychic energy that flung Riolu far from her.

Riolu bounced back up from the floor, shaken but determined not to let it get to him. He braced himself, then again lunged for the Solosis. White light surrounded his whole body and he plunged a suddenly metallic paw into Konami's side. The force of the punch wafted Konami back against the wall of the dojo, nearly knocking over one of the fans, and her voice echoed into the fan blades in an eerie shriek. She let out another burst of Psychic energy that smacked Riolu down to the floor again. He grimaced as he stood up; his claws and fists felt much sharper, but he felt a little off.


IndigoEmmy (3/3 left)
Ability: Steadfast
Health: 62%
Energy: 89%
Status: Feeling powerful! Also a little dizzy. +3 Attack.
Used: Swords Dance ~ Shadow Claw ~ Meteor Mash

myuma (3/3 left)
Konani ♀ @ Life Orb
Ability: Magic Guard
Health: 87%
Energy: 87%
Status: Hiding behind her wall of light. Protected by Reflect (3 more actions).
Used: Reflect ~ Psychic ~ Psychic

Arena Status
  • The fans are doing their best to keep the room comfortable, but people are fanning themselves anyway. The staff found some warm water bottles from a back room somewhere and are handing them out.

Damage and Energy
  • Riolu's Health: 100% - 19% (Psychic) - 19% (Psychic) = 62%
  • Riolu's Energy: 100% - 2% (Swords Dance) - 4% (Shadow Claw) - 5% (Meteor Mash) = 89%
  • Konani's Health: 100% - 8% (Shadow Claw) - 5% (Meteor Mash) = 87%
  • Konani's Energy: 100% - 1% (Reflect) - 5% (Psychic) - 5% (Psychic) - 2% (Reflect upkeep) = 87%

  • Speed order: Riolu (60) > Konani (20).
  • Meteor Mash raised Riolu's Attack.
  • @myuma commands first.
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(Looks like special attacks drain energy quickly, and that Reflect isn't helping...)

Konani! You're doing great. I'll withdraw you once you've defeated Riolu. First, use Confuse Ray to turn Riolu's attacks against it! Then, let's keep spamming Psychic! Four more hits and Riolu will be finished for sure!

Confuse Ray ~ Psychic ~ Psychic
Alright Riolu, i know you can beat Konani, we may be at a slight (ok huge) type advantage, but we can still win.

Meteor Mash raised Riolu's Attack.
Also the odds of this are quite low but i am VERY VERY pleased it turned out this way. You rock Riolu! *Winks at riolu*

I'll withdraw you once you've defeated Riolu.
And i'll do the same once we've got Konani!


Riolu! Start off with Substitute (transfer 10 hp) so we have a confused substitute doll instead of a confused riolu.
Then use Crunch to lower Konani's defense (hopefully). If it didn't lower her defense last time, use Crunch, otherwise, Fury cutter.

Substitute ~ Crunch ~ Crunch/Fury Cutter
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